Age: approx 6 years

Sex: Male Neutered

Breed: Terrier


Benny is a lovely little black and tan terrier. Size of a large Jack Russell with ears a bit like a corgi’s. He loves a walk which allows him plenty of time for ‘sniffs’ and investigations! He does pull towards other dogs when he sees them and often barks at them so will benefit from training to help him cope better when walking past.

He has been in a home recently temporarily and he has been a very loving dog who loves to sit with you or on your lap!

He needs an owner or owners who are active, who are used to alert, little terriers.

One of his walker’s said ‘ When he went to the vets recently he travelled well in the car and he was no bother at all, really good in vets and on the lead. He then went for a walk around the lanes for a good hour afterwards and he loved having a good sniff and really enjoyed being out. His tail never stopped wagging and he enjoyed a few treats. He’s a lovely little chap’.

Benny July Benny 26 Jan


Everyone who walks Benny thinks he is a great little boy. He recently enjoyed himself thoroughly walking around the ponds at Dimmingsdale on our sponsored dog walk. He was a brilliant little boy and enjoyed a paddle too!

Benny in the stream Benny having a good time OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





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