Cats for Adoption

To offer any of our cats a home, please email Alternatively, please telephone 01335 390369 or 01889 564045. Appointments must be made to see any of the cats.

The cats are vaccinated, deflead, wormed and microchipped (if not already) when they come into our care.


Kittens Kiara and Kingsley

Age: Born June 2019 Sex: Kiara – Female Kingsley – Male Colour: Kiara long haired brown tabby Kingsley Tabby and white Details:
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Age: Born April 2019 Sex: Male Colour: Ginger and White Details: Matty is a gorgeous young boy who needs to find a home
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merlin roxie

Kittens Merlin and Jenny

  Age: Born June 2019 Sex: Merlin Male and Jenny Female Colour: Jenny White and Black. Merlin Black and White Details: We
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Princess 1


Age: 1 Year Sex: Female Colour: Black Details: Princess is a really pretty cat with gorgeous eyes. She came to us from
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Freya 2


Age: 2 years Sex: Female Colour: Tabby/Tortoiseshell, Long haired Details: Freya is a very pretty girl with an unusually coloured coat. She
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Jilly 3


Age: 8 Months approx Sex: Female Colour: Ginger Details:   Jilly is a real poppet. She is really friendly and just
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Age: Born 23rd August 2007 Sex: Male Colour: Burmese Details: Cobweb has recently lost his owner and he is very sad
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Monty, Barney and Vinnie

Kittens Luna Monty and Vinnie

Details: Monty, Barney,***Rehomed*** Vinnie – tabby brothers born May 2019 approx Luna: black and white born June 2019 approx Kittens
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