Kobi *** Rehomed ***

Kobi 8 aug 217

Age: 10 years

Sex: Male

Breed: Malamute Grey & White


Kobi is a very handsome boy, large and very strong. Walks really nicely though. He needs a home with experienced owners, ideally of this breed but most certainly experienced with large dogs.

A home where someone can give him plenty of attention and exercise is required, with a large secure garden plus access to countryside for nice walks.

He is such a lovely boy who deserves to be in a lovely home. He certainly enjoyed the snowy weather and lovely walks out over the snow drifts but also enjoyed the summer too.

Kobi has gained a regular walker who thinks he is absolutely fantastic and Kobi often accompanies the whole family on walks. After a lovely walk recently he was a very good boy while his feet and legs were washed after his long country walk! Like many of his breed he is food possessive so he is best not living with very young children as he may decide to take any biscuits, sweets etc they may have out of their hands at times!


Kobi in his element March snow Kobi 20 april Kobi april 20 b

He had a brilliant day out on our recent sponsored dog walk around the Dimmingsdale area and the Old Churnet Railway track. He even won Brad over and they walked well together along the track.

sponsored dog walk with kobi and brad kobi sitting Kobi

Kobi was a really good boy and enjoyed having a lovely bath and a good brush during the hot weather. He looks magnificient!

Kobi after bath June 24 kobi bath time

Kobi is getting used to be pampered and a good brush and bath is something to be enjoyed now he finds!

kobi being brushed


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