Lost & Found


To notify us of or enquire about lost dogs and cats, please contact the Cheadle & District Animal Welfare Society Lost/Found Register on 01889 564045. Please remember to let us know if your lost pet has returned home safely so we can keep our records up to date.

Micro-chipped animals can be identified and if lost can be quickly returned to you. If you move home or change your telephone number, PLEASE remember to inform the ‘microchip people’. Unclaimed animals coming into can help to reunite any of the animals in this section with their owners, please get in touch by email cheadleanimalwelfare@hotmail.co.uk. Alternatively you can telephone 01889 564045 or 01335 390369.



LOST *** CAT*** Teddy

Teddy tissington missing Jan 2016Tissington Ted a black and white neutered male cat went missing on New Years day from Tissington, Derbyshire.
He has a black body & 4 white paws with a white mask. He is microchipped. He could have followed walkers on the Tissington Trail and got lost.
Also, he’s very nosey so could have got into a car without the owner noticing and then jumped out when they stopped so he could be quite a long way from home. He is very friendly and loves tractors.
He is sadly missed and his sister is pining.
Any sightings please telephone Adele on 07972 592499 or 01335 390246.




Found cat 16 jan 16

“Cat” has been in the Checkley, Cranberry Avenue area and maybe Church Street for at least 2 months. He/she is pretty much 50/50 black and white.  He/she is nervous but wants to be friendly and he/she gets on well with other cats. The cat doesn’t appear during the day but is always around at night and has been since early December.  The lady who has been feeding the cat has put a collar on with “If this is your cat please call…” message attached but nobody has yet telephoned.  He/she is clean and not at all bedraggled or unloved looking so it could have an owner somewhere but she is always famished when it’s tea time.  Please telephone 01889 564045 if this matches the description of your missing cat or with any further information.

LOST *** DOG***

Missing Yorkie

Missing from Goldenhill area, Bo, Yorkie cross.  Any sightings please phone 07591 249983.












FOUND *** CAT***

Black and white cat wearing a collar was found in Breach Lane, Tean on Tuesday 3rd November 2015.  A very friendly cat who obviously has an owner.  Anyone who knows who he may belong to please call us.


LOST*** DOG***

Lenny missing Oct 201510 weeks old Lenny was last seen at his Farm in Freehay on Sunday 11th October.He was left outside in a grass and decking area that was fenced off with chicken wire round to secure him in, but he managed to escape. Either that or he has been taken. He was still there at 11:30am but wasn’t there at 14:00. He lives on a farm in Freehay and they have checked all the areas over and over. The family is beside themselves and desperately want him home, Please contact us if you have information about where he may be.



 LOST *** CAT ***

hugo missing oct 2015Hugo is two years old and a much loved family pet, missing since 1st October 2015, from the Uttoxeter Demontfort Way area. Please contact us if you have any information about his whereabouts.




Sam 15 9 15  sam

Sam, young grey neutered tabby cat (no white on him), has gone missing from his home in Barnfield Road, Tean.  Last sighting was Saturday morning, 12 September.  He is not wearing a collar but is microchipped.  Please check sheds, garages etc in case he is stuck.  Any sightings please phone Sharon on 07912 020556.  She and her little boy are very worried.


Tibby 15 09 5  tibby 1 15 09 15

Tibby is a neutered 4 year old tabby and was last seen at his home near to the Royal Oak in Dilhorne on Wednesday 9th September.  Please telephone Tony Brown on 01782 388265 with any information.


George missing cat 27 8 15

George went missing from his home in Church Leigh on Friday 21st August.  George is 12 months old, neutered and microchipped.  Please telephone 0777 8520 527 with any information.


Honey an unneutered, rather timid, ginger and white tom cat has gone missing from his home in Arundel Drive, Cheadle,.  He has not been seen since beginning of August 2015. If you know of his whereabouts please ring 07753 109 123.



LOST ***DOG***

Lost Billy


Brown Male Dachshund (Age: Young Adult)

Missing from Around Pasturefields Farm, Pasturefields, Great Haywood, ST18 0RB, ST18 area, (Central) on Tuesday, 7th July 2015

Last seen 07/07/2015 (AM) wearing red tartan collar

CONTACT: 07585 506766


 LOST ***DOG***

Lost Blue


White Male Bichon Frise (Age: Adult)

Missing from Around Pasturefields Farm, Pasturefields, Great Haywood, ST18 0RB, ST18 area, (Central) on Tuesday, 7th July 2015

Blue is a Bichon Frise cross with minature schnauzer BUT he looks just like a westie. He has had his coat cut over the last frew days so his coat is very short. He is wearing a blue collar with paw prints on

CONTACT: 07585 506766



LOST *** DOG***

Missing from Forsbrook since Friday morning 6th March. Long legged Jack Russell. Ten Years old, very friendly. If you have any information/sightings please contact us 01889 564045 or 07531 232 542



LOST *** CAT ***


Tallulah/Lulu, Bengal cat has gone missing. She went missing from the dilhorne area on 11th February 2015. She’s very small and slim even for a regular female cat (this is her natural size). She has green eyes, leopard type markings on her coat. With a spotty belly. The pads on her paws are black. She’s is name Tallulah but answers to lulu. She is nosey so could have got into someone’s car/van or shed. Please check. She is very much missed and we desperately want her back home. She’s doesn’t have the same sounding meow as a regular cat. Please get in touch with any news 01782 388143.


LOST *** CAT ***

Mr Tiddles 1Mr Tiddles has been missing for about three to four weeks. From Moddershall area, near Stone. He is very very friendly. He isn’t microchipped yet. He is black and white cat with a bright yellow collar.


Mr Tiddles 2Please contact us if you have any information at all about where he may be. 01889 564045.



LOST *** DOG ***

Tilly, a much loved family pet – a small Yorkshire Terrier. She is wearing a brown flea collar. She went missing on November 1st from Cranberry Lane /Coronation Avenue, Alsager. She will be very scared. Microchipped. Please contact Jan with any information /sightings. She should be reported to the dog warden if found too. Reward for the return of Tilly. Telephone 07919382847 / 07967606184.


LOST *** CAT***

Salem – 2 year old, skinny, black tom with small triangle of white hairs on chest – neutered and microchipped. Missing from his new home along Uttoxeter Road, Upper Tean since Wednesday 12th November. Please check garages, sheds, greenhouses and telephone Abigail with any information – 079 522 44435.


LOST *** CAT ***


Missing from his home in Crakemarsh near Stramshall/Uttoxeter.  He is a large black and white, short haired, neutered tom; 11 years old and very friendly. Please phone 01889 564045 if any sightings.



LOST *** CAT ***

Wilf a ginger neutered Tom with white paws is missing from his home in Boxwood Road, Tean.  He was last seen on Tuesday 7th Ocotober.  He is quite distinctive as he has a fluffy tail.  It is uncharacteristic for him to go missing so please check your sheds and garages in case he has got himself shut inside. If you have any information please ring 01538 723508.

LOST *** DOG*** 

Molly- a Liver and white springer spaniel. Last seen at home in Cellarhead on Wednesday teatime 3 Sept.

Please contact us with any information. 01889 564045


 LOST *** DOG ***

Max a Golden Retriever from Park Terrace area of Stoke. Sunday teatime. Aged 9 years, not neutered. He has a collar and is microchipped. Please contact his worried owner if you have any information. Telephone. 07875 101267


LOST *** DOG ***

Keith Lurcher lost-stolen Keith -a brindle Lurcher. He’s been castrated. has a dodgy eye and was wearing a khaki collar. He is microchipped and has been missing since 22nd July from the Hanley area. He is a much loved family pet and everyone is missing him. If you have any information about a dog that may be him please either contact Sarah on Mob.07947512237 or mob 07950230010



 LOST *** DOG ***

A 14 year old German Shepherd X Collie ran off due to the storms at the weekend of 19 July, missing from Endon. Please contact Tenford Kennels for contact information if you have and information. Tel. 01538 722457


LOST *** DOG ***

Karna ran off in the thunderstorms during the morning of 19 July.  She is a 2 yr old black Lab X and ran away from Hopton (near Stafford).  Karna is not micrchipped but was wearing a black collar and tag – unfortunately the tag has the incorrect phone number on.

The owners name is Julie and her contact number is 07887 663737. Please contact her with any information.




Tilly disappeared on Sunday 1st June from Prince George Street, Cheadle.  She is a chocolate brown/grey tabby.  Although she has no collar, she is microchipped and can be identified by a vet.  She is very friendly and inquisitive so she may have entered your house, but could have become trapped in a shed, garage or outbuilding.  She is greatly missed by her family.   Please contact us if you have seen her or have any information regarding her whereabouts.   01538 757147 or 07739 508336.


LOST *** DOG ***

Tess a small, rough coated Jack Russell/Yorkie went missing on Sunday 18th May while walking on the old Rudyard to Leek Railway Line. She is black and tan with a tan head and is 5 years old. She is micro-chipped but is not wearing a collar. She is a lovely natured dog and her owners are desperate to find her. If you have any information please ring 07588 754 679



FOUND/SEEN ****Rabbit ***  A big white rabbit has been seen grazing on the side of the road for the last four or five days (to 7th May). On the grass verge about 300m after the Hawksmoor entrance going towards Oakamoor. Does anyone know who it may belong to. People have tried to catch it, but so far unsuccessful.


LOST *** CAT ***

Smudge is predominantly black with white bits. He is around 9 years old, unneutered and was last seen at his home in Jasmine Close, Blythe Bridge on 19th April. Could you please contact us if you have any information about him – 01889 564045


LOST *** DOG ***

Molly a 14 year old blind and deaf blue roan Cocker Spaniel is missing from her home at Reapsmoor, near to Leek. It is suspected that she was stolen from the garden at approx 5pm on Friday 18th April.Her owners are devastated. If you have any information about her whereabouts please ring 01298 84659.

LOST *** CAT ***

Boots- Missing from Mackenzie Crescent, Cheadle since 3 April 2014. Responds to the name of Boots. Wearing a black and white collar. He is micro chipped.  Please contact Jane on  07428 755304 or 01538 750911 with any information if you spot him.



LOST *** CAT ***

Diesel went missing on Thursday 6th Feb – he went out with his sister on Thursday morning as normal on Glen Drive in Alton but he hasn’t been seen since. The family are missing him loads and Macie (his sister) really seems a little lost. He’s black and white, about 17 months old, no collar. He hasn’t been neutered. Please ring Joanne if you have any information about him. 07711 679351


LOST *** DOG *** Chess

A brown, neutered working cocker spaniel ran off after the car he was travelling in was involved in an accident on the A53 between Leek and Buxton, near to The Winking Man last Monday-9th December. There have been a lot of people searching the area and they have had tracking dogs out but no sightings at all. Please please keep an ear open for him. The owner is hoping that someone may have picked him up, if you hear anything at all please let contact us. He is microchipped.


LOST *** DOG ***

Molly lost Nov 2013 Molly is a female Black Labrador. 7 Years Old. Went missing 7.11.13 in the Leek area. Please contact Mark: 07594 894035 or Laura: 07789 35780.  Reward If Found.

LOST *** CAT ***

Tinkerbell, is a 9 years old (approx), adult male cat who has been missing in the Oakamoor area for over a week. Please contact his owners who are really upset about his disappearance on 07889 386216 or 01538702132 if you have any information on his whereabouts. Tinkerbell needs to be back where he belongs as soon as possible.


LOST *** CAT ***

Chilly went missing 3 weeks ago from the Alton end of Nabb Lane. He is fairly new to the area so may have lost his bearings. He is 12 months old and not yet neutered.  He has a microchip registered to his home in Alton. Please telephone 01889-507-384 with any information you may have about him please.


LOST *** DOG ***

Girlie- Jack Russell. Lost on 30th August near Marchington.She is about 9 years old, smooth coated, docked tail, mainly tan and white with a little black on her face, she has a scar on her left hind leg. She is microchipped and was wearing a collar and tag. If you know anything about her whereabouts please ring Kate on 01283 820675/ 07803724562


LOST *** CAT ***


Smokey is a female small all black cat, except for 4/5 white hairs middle of chest. Three and half years old. Very friendly, will likely come to you if called. Not wearing a collar but is micro chipped. Please contact Hannah if seen or know anything about her. 07814132851


3 STOLEN *** Tibetan Terriers ***

Two Gold And Whites And One Black and White Female Tibetan Terrier (Age: Young Adult). The 12 month old black and white female has her coat short at the time of being taken and may not be instantly recognisable as a Tibetan Terrier).

Missing from near Newent Gloucester, GL18 area, (South West) onThursday, 11th July 2013

3 Tibetan terrier bitches, two 7mth gold and whites & one 12 mth black and white were stolen from kennels early on 11/7/2013. near Newent Gloucester. tel 01531 822384 anytime or 101 CRN 16296/13.

There is a REWARD for the 3 STOLEN TT’s safe return.

CONTACT: 01531 822384

  LOST *** CAT*** Eddie, male tabby cat, 3 years old – missing from Boxwood Road, Tean since Wed 21 August 2013 Dark tabby markings, front paws white toes, more white on back paws, no collar, not microchipped, much loved pet, please check sheds, garages etc. If spotted call Tina on 01538 723508

LOST *** DOG ***


Fawn Female Pug (Age: Young Adult). Missing from Onecote near Leek, Staffs, ST13 area, on Sunday, 25th August 2013

Owner is unsure how she disappeared from the garden as they were out in it at the time. PLEASE contact with any info/sightings. Thank you.There is a – REWARD for MAISY’s safe return. CONTACT: 01538 304128 or 07794 188088


LOST *** CAT *** Pixie. **MISSING** since Sunday 18th August from the Hatton area. White and ginger cat only 1 year old. Has been microchipped. His name is Pixie and will respond to it. Please check all sheds, garages and gardens etc. If you have any information about him please contact us.


LOST *** CAT *** Lester was last seen in the Fulford area on or about 20.7.13. He is a small, all grey, oriental build cat. He is micro-chipped. There is a substantial reward for his safe return. Please contact us if you have any information about him.



LOST *** CAT *** Kitty a Black/White female has been missing from her home in Threapwood for a few weeks.  She is 5-6 years old and is black with white paws and bib and a black nose.  Her owner desperately wants to find her. Any information please call 01538 754578 or 01538 723085 if you know where she might be.


FOUND *** DOG *** Found, Uttoxeter Road, Checkley on Thursday 8th August tan and white Jack Russell wearing a collar.  Very distinctive.  Can the owner please ring 01782 319847 to claim this dog


FOUND *** CAT *** A lovely cat (not microchipped- been checked) has arrived at a home in Tean around 3 weeks ago (mid July). At least 4 years old. Completely black apart from the ends of paws and belly. Arrived wearing a blue collar. Please contact sevans86.se@googlemail.com if this may be your cat. Please provide some evidence of ownership-photo?.The home arrived at are more than happy to look after the little one but would also like to reunite with owners.

 LOST  *** DOG *** Suzie, a 5/6 year old Jack Russell has been missing from the Uttoxeter Road area of Blythe Bridge since 4.30pm Saturday 20 July. She is black and white with grey, wearing a collar. She is a little timid but very friendly. Her owners and their children are desperate to get her back. If you know anything about her whereabouts please ring 01782 395861


 LOST  *** CAT *** Katy a long haired tortie cat with a white bib has been missing from the Dilhorne/Caverswall area since the middle of June 2013.  She previously lived in Leicester and was a house cat so will probably be very bewildered and scared.  Her home is now at Weston Coyney, but she had only lived there for 2 weeks.  She is micro-chipped. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Katy please ring 01538 755700.


FOUND *** CAT*** Found at Blore near Ilam, tabby car, wearing collar, very friendly.  Contact olearyvic@gmail.com


LOST *** CAT***  Charlie Tabby Male-Age 10 Last seen in fields opposite Stramshall Park, Nr Uttoxeter on the 3rd of June   Charlie is a very friendly Cat and will normally go to anyone for a fuss. Anyone with any information please ring 01889 568014 or 07836 342083


*** LOST*** CAT Lillie – semi long haired black and white cat, Age 2. From the Bath Street Area of Leek Friday 21st June, possible sighting of her in St Lukes Church Yard? Sadly missed by all her family especially the 7 year old daughter and the other cat Sid. Tel 07875604272.





*** LOST *** CAT Lost- Louie, a black and white male cat. Large. He went missing on Wednesday June 19th. He’s 16 and its very out of character for him to wander far. He lives on The Birches ,Cheadle. His owners are very worried as he may have been shut in a shed during the hot weather.  If you know anything about him please contact 07531213121.


*** FOUND*** Rabbit Very friendly Rabbit found in running around in Barnfields Road, Kingsley on Thursday 20th June.  Does anyone know who may have lost it? Please contact us if so on above numbers.


*** LOST *** CAT- Toby (as at May 25th) Toby has been missing from his home in Holly Road, Uttoxeter for several days.  He’s a fantastic cat, tabby and white with more tabby on his left front and more white on his right front.  On his left front paw he has 3 black pads and one pink and he has evidence of previously broken tail.

 If you have an information as to his whereabouts please ring his very worried owner on 01889 562733 or 07974 119897

*** FOUND *** DOG A fawn and white greyhound found walking along the A50 in Uttoxeter Sunday morning 19th May. If you know anyone who may have lost this dog please contact us.01889 564045 ***

LOST*** DOG- Jazz Jazz is a black and white bull terrier who qot through the garden gate at lunchtime today in Leek-16th May.Has a collar but no ID tag. Owner is desperate to find Jazz- please ring 01538 386658 if you have any information.


*** LOST *** Cat  – Whiskey, who is just under 12 months old has gone missing from Rocester. Last seen Thursday evening about 7.15 pm. She is black with ginger patches and a white belly. Wearing a purple diamante collar and bell. She doesn’t normally stray far from home so please check sheds and garages. Please contact us if you know anything  about her.




*** LOST*** DOG Lost Tuesday eve 5th March from the Kingsley area. A male Border Collie. Tan & White. Aged 18 years. He is blind and deaf and currently has sore feet too. If you know anything about where he may be please contact Linda Salmon. 01538 753690 or 0785584790


*** LOST *** DOG Sash Black White Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Age: Adult) Missing from Meir, Stoke on Trent, on Saturday 23rd February 2013 There is a REWARD for SASH’s safe return. CONTACT: 07528207738 or 07528207738


 *** LOST *** Dog LUDO  Ludo has been missing since Saturday afternoon (9th Feb). He is a Jack Russell, around 9 years old, he has a docked tail and is short haired, small, and mainly brown and white in colour. He was wearing a blue collar which has a bell attached. His home is in Field, near Church Leigh. He is used to the company of other dogs and is used to the small surrounding area. It is unlike him to disappear and not return for such a long time. If you have any information about him please ring 01889 502202- Dave or Sally Williams 



*** LOST *** POPS  Pops lives on Redfern Road, Uttoxeter and was last seen on Sunday morning, 19th January. He is a large, unneutered  black and white cat and is 7 -8  years old. He is greatly loved.  Used to having cuddles and his owners desperately want him back home. If you know of his whereabouts please ring Sharon or Dom on 01889 567725


  *** Lost***  Kitty (AKA Sox)  Reward for missing Kitty- a fluffy coated, 8 month old tortoiseshell kitten from Holly Road, Uttoxeter late afternoon on 18th December. Anyone with information should please call Mrs Brown 01889 565176

  *** LOST ***Tigger    He was last seen at around 18:00 on Wednesday 28th November 2012 in a neighbour’s garden. Area is Meakin/Aynsley Close off Tean Road, Cheadle. He is a mostly ginger cat, and was wearing a green collar embroidered with flowers. The underside of the collar is red. He has a white blaze of fur over his nose and on his forehead, with a white chest. His underside is white down the middle and ginger each side. He has ginger front legs with white paws, and both his back legs are ginger towards the top, and white below. He is a small cat, with unusually prominent hind legs and quite a long tail. He is very friendly and has never been known to bite or scratch unless he is in pain. He is very curious, however, and will go into other houses, garages, sheds and cars to see what he can find. He has recently been fighting with another cat and a couple of days prior to him going missing he came home with damaged ears. A few weeks previous to that he came home with most of his front claws ripped out and his bounce pads ripped off too. The vet seemed to think he has been hit by a car! Around lunch time on the day he went missing he was at home and he seemed very jumpy. Just in case he is found, he has special dietry requirements as he suffers from crystals in his urethra. He has to have Royal Canin Urinary meat pouches and biscuits for the rest of his life. He never strays far from home, so it is possible he could be locked in a garage or shed. We have walked/driven the estate several times and have not seen him. If anyone has any information – even if it is bad news – we would want to hear it. We just want him returned to us – one way or the other. If you need any further information, or have any news at all, please call Matt at any time on 07525 836306.

   LOST *** SCOOBY*** Scooby went missing from her home on the Barnfields Lane Estate, Kingsley on Thursday 8th November. She is a very friendly, 3 and a half years old, spayed, all black with green eyes, shorthaired female cat wearing a red collar. There has been a possible sighting in the village. Justine has put posters up, leafleted neighbours, rang local vets and searched the fields. She and her children are desperate to have her home. Please ring Justine Bould – 07919 368866

***LOST *** OLLY Olly was lost on Sunday 21st October whilst moving house from Derbyshire to Lancashire. He got out of his cat carrier when his owners stopped near to the A50 just outside of Uttoxeter. Olly was seen at Broad Oak Farm on Leigh Road, Nr Bramshall but has not yet been reunited with his distraught owners. He is a 4 year old short hair white and tabby mix cat.  He has ‘mask and saddle’ markings.  He has a pink nose and a little white tip on his tail.  Although he had no collar on, he is microchipped. Please ring 07793 714277 or email janettelynnlawrence@gmail.com if you find him or think you have seen him. 

   *** STOLEN *** French Mastiff- DOLLAR  Dollar is a female Dogue de Bordeaux French Mastiff. She is 7 years old, microchipped and is spayed. She is a very soft and friendly dog. Distinquishing features- she has a large scar on her stomach, she has an odd number of nipples on one side of her tummy. She responds very well to her name, particularly when called ‘DOLL’. She was stolen from the farm where she lives in Hilderstone, Nr Stone around 1.00pm on Thursday 01/11/2012. Fairly  sure she also has either a chipped or missing tooth .Please contact Drew on 07500925930. Reward for her safe return.


Louie is a Black and Tan Yorkshire Terrier Male Adult. Microchipped.  Missing From Kings Norton (B30) on 25 September 2012. Reward for his safe return. Tel 07789 552720 or 07871 619810. Or see DogLost.co.uk on 0844 800 3220 quoting 43360. He also has a Facebook page called Find Louie(the community page).


** LOST  ** – ALFIE Poor Alfie has been missing from his home in Bramshall (near Uttoxeter) since July 5th.  His owners are understandably very worried about him.  We ask everyone to check their sheds/garages/greenhouses, etc and to keep your eyes peeled for him.  Please call 07971762298 if seen or found.




** LOST ** – TIMMY   Timmy went missing from his home in Victory Crescent, Cheadle on Saturday 14th July.  He is black and white, short haired, 5 years old, neutered and chipped.  He may have got shut in a shed or garage can you please check.  If you have any information please ring 07719 395939



  ** LOST ** – TILDA. Tilda is tabby and white and is only 12 months old.  She is a very nervous cat and probably won’t approach anyone.  On Monday 25th June around 9am she got into a van delivering goods to her home in Stramshall but was trapped inside when the doors were shut.  When the van made the next delivery in Uttoxeter High Street she was seen to jump out and run off.  She will be very scared and we want to get her back home as soon as we can.  If anyone sees her or thinks they have seen her will they please ring Kevin or Lesley on 01889 564045 or 07796 024 042



** LOST ** – POPPY is a 3 year old brown and black tabby cat who has been missing from her home in Sandown Close, off Ness Grove, Cheadle since June 6th.  It is very out of character for her not to return home and her owners are very worried and her sister is missing her.  Please check gardens, greenhouses, sheds and garages.  Please keep a look out for her.  If you have any information, please contact Cheadle Animal Welfare


** LOST ** – BELLA has been missing since May 27th from his home in Queen Street, Cheadle.  He is normally a house cat but managed to escape.  Please keep a look out for him and check all your sheds and garages.  If you have any info please either contact Cheadle Animal Welfare or telephone 07792 373414.


** LOST ** – NANCY has been missing from her home in Lightwood since 21st May and her owners are very concerned.  She is tabby and white cat and is microchipped.  Please check your sheds and garages.  If you have any information, please telephone 07817 294077


** LOST ** – CLEO has been missing since Good Friday from her home in Forsbrook.  She is 19 years old and suffers from epilepsy for which she receives medication.  Her owners are desperate for any information as to her whereabouts.  If you think you have seen her or know where she might be, please get in touch.