Mabel cuddles 2 oct 4 2017

Age: Adult (approx 8 or 9 years?)

Sex: Female

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Details: Mabel deserves a home where she will be spoilt rotten- whether a permanent foster home or adopted – she doesn’t mind!. She will need to be the only pet in the house though as she doesn’t get on well with other dogs or cats. A private secure garden is needed so she can enjoy outside time without other dogs being around. She really enjoys going out for a walk, having a good fuss made of her and then relaxing when she gets back.

Mabel is ideally suited to a home where she can become a companion to a couple or someone on their own. If there are children in the home they would need to be older teenagers used to dogs. She gets on particularly well with ladies or gently spoken gentlemen.

As well as long walks around the local area a few days each week with her long term walker Mabel has other regular walkers who take her out too during the week. They all think she is a great girl and character! She is quite well known as she goes out and about on her walks. She enjoys the varied treats she gets from her different walking companions but bacon and sausages definitely go down very well!

We would dearly love her to find a smashing home. Isn’t it about time she achieved that- she so deserves it! She is definitely a character and someone experienced with dogs is best for her but she so deserves the chance to have her own home.

She really would be a good companion- very faithful to the right person in the right environment. If Mabel takes a shine to you, you are well away.

Mabel is also one of our sponsor dogs if you would like to sponsor her. Her details and latest updates are found via this link. to her sponsor page.

mabel cuddling Dec 2014

This is the sort of greeting you can expect from her once she gets to know you and certainly after a ‘food stop’ during her walk to say thank you! She is lovely.

Mabel visiting Co-op to thank them for donation April 2017Mabel has visited the local Co-op to thank them and their customers for awarding us £1,501.03 via their Local Community Fund.


mabel 2 feb 19  Mabel saying hello may 17

Mabel cuddles oct 4 2017Mabel having a cuddle Oct 4 2017

Latest outing to her friends where she was made a big fuss of again! She enjoys her treats and a cuddle on the settee while we have a coffee in their summerhouse. She has made it to their lounge too when the cats weren’t around! If only she could enjoy these things regularly with a lovely new owner.

Mabel Oct 2017 1

Vaccinated, microchipped.








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