Molly 2

Molly is lucky to be alive. She was found shivering and really cold in a shed in the depth of winter. She spent several days at Meir Park Veterinary Hospital recovering from cat flu before a foster home was found for her, but her problems continued as she had numerous respiratory infections. She was then found to be asthmatic.

Molly is so lucky to have found wonderful foster ‘parents’ who are prepared to closely monitor her health and ensure that she receives daily puffs from her inhaler. Her medical care is ongoing and sponsorship would contribute greatly towards these costs.

Molly is a very maternal little cat.  Her foster Mum and Dad recently fostered 4 kittens who were so tiny that they had to be bottle fed.  Molly assisted in washing and cleaning them up after every feed and as they got stronger she started to play with them and showed them how to use the litter tray.  She attempted to carry them to put them in their bed, but they kept slipping out of her mouth because she doesn’t have any teeth.

After all the hardship she has had to endure and despite her on going asthmatic problems she is an absolute treasure.

This is Molly sharing her bed with one of the little kittens she has helped to look after!






May 2015 update.

Molly’s Foster Mum has sent this update to us. ‘ Have just been to the Longsdon pet show with Eden, and she entered Molly in four categories. Molly came first in the rescue category and best cat and then won the overall champion pet in the show for all categories.  What a little star ……. she was wonderful, affectionate and totally unphased by everything.’

Isn’t that fantastic news!

molly with cup may 2016  Molly in garden may 2015  Molly may 2015

Update – April 2017

Molly is acting as foster mum again to 4 small kittens, as before she has been doing a fantastic job grooming them and attempting to carry them about. She just loves kittens!  Here is a picture of her latest babies.

kittens eating dinner

Molly’s sponsors

  • Clive Russell
  • Barbara Lovatt
  • D Burton
  • Ann & Richard Walton
  • Valerie Newport
  • Miss A Burton
  • Iris Jones
  • Mr T Harrison
  • Draycott Craft Club
  • Wendy Johnson
  • Justine Jervis
  • M Kirkby
  • Marie and Peter Graves
  • Diane Coutts
  • Valerie Rushton
  • Maureen Bettany
  • Margaret Russell
  • Eden Schiller
  • Robyn Schiller
  • Valley View Cattery
  • Jane Chesters
  • Nanette Raybould
  • Karen Robinson

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