Paige June 13 2018

Age: Approx 4.5-5 yrs

Sex: Female Spayed

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X


Paige is a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier X. She has a very loving nature with people but is not keen on other dogs when they are passing her, although is getting better at that. Quite a strong girl but walks really nicely- something she really enjoys. She has gained a few regular walkers who think she is wonderful and has been going out and about far more. She enjoyed a few sausages at her walk to the Fishery recently!… and Froghall today… and numerous times now!

She is very happy to become your food taster too!

Paige is a lovely girl and follows given commands well. She walks really nicely to heel. She is worried by vehicles and does pull at them and needs to be helped to get over that. It would be much nicer for Paige though if she can find a home situated well away from busy roads and enjoy walks away from such challenges. She loves countryside and canal walks.

She will be best as the only pet in the home as she would love all of the attention and why not, she really deserves to have that. She will give you lots of love in return.

Paige like many Staffies does not enjoy being in a kennels environment however much attention and walks she gets from everyone.  It is such a shame as she is such a loving girl and will thrive in a lovely home. She wants to be sitting with you in a lovely home environment, with the opportunity to run in the garden and plenty of regular nice walks.



paige fishery 24 may cropped Paige 13 June 2018 relaxing on walk

Paige 20 april


Please give me a home she says!




Paige has been enjoying some lovely walks out over the last few weeks with her additional new walkers. Today she has been down to Froghall, had a lovely walk and then sampled yet more sausages- this time from Hetty’s! She is such a lovely girl. She waited so patiently while the sausages cooled too!

waiting patiently  morning out at froghall paige

Paige is getting various trips out now and her extending photo album shows her enjoying a nice roll in the field, chilling out on her walk and visiting her walker’s home where she had a very nice time in their summerhouse. Surely its time this was her normal everyday life with a lovely new owner.

Paige having a roll on her walk  Paige enjoying a roll  Paige relaxing during walkPaige in the summerhouse  Paige- this is nice Paige resting during her walk

Paige has been having a great time over the last few weeks in the Paddocks For Paws secure dog field facility. She has really enjoyed running, playing ball, rolling over to her hearts content and generally showing her walkers what a fantastic dog she is and what a great companion she will be. She still manages to get a trip in to get her sausages too before having to then go back to the kennels.

Much as we love her, we can’t wait for the day when she heads off to a wonderful new home after such a lovely morning out!

Paige having fun sept 13  Paige with football sept 13 Paige enjoying her playtime in the freedom field Sept 13

paige and toy

Snow- what fun!

paige 31 jan a  Paige rolling jan 31 paige rolling b31 jan

Paige does seem to enjoy her photo being taken!

paige e paige f paige g paige l

She is such a loving girl who deserves a home with people around most of the day so she can become their loyal companion.

Paige 28 March Paige giving kisses


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