Roger Nov A

Age: 8-9 years approx

Sex: Male   Neutered

Breed: Crossbreed- part bull lurcher   Black and White


Roger is a nice dog with mixed parentage!  All of our walkers say that ‘he is such a very nice dog- walks lovely and is really nice natured’. He does have his favourite regular male walker but on the whole he does seem to prefer ladies!

Roger has been on our Sponsored dog walks- he should have been going with a new owner not us really- we can’t understand why he is still with us. His walker (who also took him last year) says ‘ He’s a strong, big dog but has a lovely nature and he really loved being out today. He was so excited. He’s not in your face at all and no trouble. If he was ok with cats we would have offered to rehome him last year (his bull lurcher instinct means he will chase cats and will react to other dogs if they start anything first!).

Roger is a really good boy who thoroughly deserves a smashing home. We still can’t understand why Roger hasn’t found a home. He is such a great boy, so patient waiting for a treat from you and looks at you so kindly. He just loves to go out for a walk.

He had a smashing time when he went to the Paddocks for Paws freedom field with his walkers. He didn’t particularly want to run around for a ball but he just had a thoroughly good time sniffing around and freely exploring. He then enjoyed treats with them at Hetty’s tea room. He was such a good boy and they were so pleased to see him so happy.

Roger Nov B Roger Froghall Roger Hettys Roger paddockfor paws


Roger sponsored walk may 14 2017 Roger with rosie


At least Roger enjoys the snow!

Roger playing snow roger snow a

IMG-20190130-WA0018 IMG-20190130-WA0026

Gentle Roger is such a delight. He will be such a pleasure to have around if youRoger 13 Oct have no other pets.He sits patiently in his bed with his paws in front of him and gets up to greet you so happily when you go to see him, he just melts you!



roger d


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