In excess of £1,000 raised through the Sponsored dog walk- Dimmingsdale area. 22nd May 2016


The sponsored walk around Dimmingsdale on Sunday was blessed by lovely weather- which was a great relief to walkers and dogs alike! It was wonderfully supported and the Society is delighted to say in excess of £1,000 has been raised to help the waifs and strays in their care. Additional sponsorship money is still due to come in too.
A big thank you goes out to everyone who came and took part in the walk and to everyone who also gained sponsorship for their own dogs. Fantastic amounts were raised by each. Also many thanks to everyone who sponsored the nine dogs who were walking who are currently in the care of the Society and looking for homes.

All nine were brilliantly behaved and couldn’t have advertised themselves any better- they were absolute stars. Hopefully word gets round how lovely they are and that they get fantastic new homes quickly as a result!’ They are Zeus, Ebony, Axel, Cass, Anya, Roger, Fudge, Melody and Tommy. 

Rusty the little Yorkshire Terrier raised a massive £200 towards this total which was brilliant.

Photos will appear on the individual dog rehoming pages but just a few here show how everyone enjoyed the day.

Roger after walk      Axel enjoyed his walk


booking in point after B  Cass doesn't even pull when you have a tray

Charlie + owner A Roger Toby A was ollie

Zeus after walk Cass and Anya axel and ebony

all relaxing after walk Zeus and rope ball


Terrie Ann and Cass  the start all of us

Tommy on his walk Tommy after his walk


May 22nd

Booking in point will be situated at The Ramblers Retreat but walking routes are flexible!

All walkers should book in either at the start of their walk or mid way depending on where you start walking from. 


Booking in is between 10.30-11 am 


  •  £5 entry fee per dog (if have more than one dog additional donation for your others is optional)
  • Additionally get a sponsorship form and ask friends to sponsor your dog (do still join us even if you don’t get sponsors)
  • Some of the C.A.W. dogs currently looking for homes will also be walking- PLEASE DO ASK FRIENDS TO SPONSOR THEM TOO!

Walk options include:

  • 1.8 miles approx from the Ramblers Retreat around the
    Ponds at Dimmingsdale;
  • 2.4 miles approx from Oakamoor Picnic site along the
    old Churnet Railway Track to the Ramblers Retreat and back;
  • 4.2 miles approx from Oakamoor Picnic site along the
    old Churnet Railway Track to the Ramblers Retreat, around the Ponds and back

Click here to open up a document which has further details regarding walking routes.sponsored walk 22 May 2016 (v2may)

 Download a Sponsorship form for your dog here sponsorship form Dog Walk 22nd May 2016 (portrait) or from the ‘events’ page.

Blank Sponsorship forms plus forms to sponsor the C.A.W. dogs will be made available nearer to at:
• E + E Furniture Stores, High Street, Cheadle
• Lime Trees Veterinary Clinic, Tean Road, Cheadle
• or Request one to be sent via email

• Pay Pal or My Donate can also be used to sponsor the C.A.W. dogs

We should all be walking- Please do sponsor us.

melody feb 2016 early sunbathing Roger b 13 april Fudge Oct 14 2015 Anya May 2016

ebony sept 2015 Zeus photoshoot 7 exc tommy aug 2014 Plus Axel


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