Age: 3 years (approx. as at March 2019)
Sex: Male
Colour: Tabby and White
Hello, my name is Tiger and I am very sad because my lovely owner has recently passed away and I miss her very much. We used to love each others company. I was very well cared for and had a wonderful home; I am up to date with my vaccinations, neutered and microchipped. I like going outdoors for a short while but like most cats, I love my home comforts. I have been described as nice and friendly which to be honest I can’t disagree with although I would add that I am also very handsome! I’m not a busy household type of cat as I am used to the quiet life. If I could choose the perfect home it would be with a couple or single person who live in a semi rural area with a garden. If you would like to meet me please call one of the cat rehoming ladies. They are very good at finding cats like me the ‘purrfect’ home!
Neutered. Vaccinated. Microchipped.


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