We received a call on the night of Wednesday 8th January at 10.40pm from Emergency Vets, VetsNow, asking if we would accept into our care, Zion, a 9 month old, long haired tabby, unneutered Tom who had been involved in a road traffic collision. It was suspected that one his back legs was broken. We agreed and he was kept comfortable overnight until Lime Trees Vets at Meir Park Veterinary Hospital took over his care on Thursday morning. An X ray revealed that his leg was broken in 2 places, but much more worrying was that they also found he had a diaphragmatic hernia resulting in his intestines, liver and stomach being pushed up into his chest cavity. This was putting pressure on his lungs and although he seemed quite happy he needed to have the repair done within the following 24 – 36 hours.

Zion is an absolutely delightful young cat. The vets and nurses have all fallen in love with him because he is so friendly and adorable. We felt that we had to try to help him as we couldn’t bear the thought of such a young cat having to put to sleep when there was something that could be done to help him. We agreed for the vet to operate to repair the hernia, fix his fractures with pins and plates and to neuter him.

Vet, Horatio, did the complex hernia repair on Friday 10th January and came across various problems so the operation took longer than anticipated and he was not able to repair the leg at the same time. Zion was given intensive care over the weekend and on Monday 13th January he went into surgery again to have his leg repaired. This too proved to be very difficult. He had a plate inserted to mend his femur (thigh bone) and pins were inserted to hold the broken bones of his lower together.. An external fixator was then attached to make sure the bones were held in place while it healed. At the end of all that Zion was neutered.

This little cat is being very brave and is receiving the best care possible but the cost of the veterinary care to save his life is very, very expensive as he had 2 operations plus weekend care and several overnight stays at the Veterinary Hospital together with a chest drain, a drip and medication for the pain and for any infection and inflammation.

This is a very big undertaking for a small animal charity and we are hoping that you, like us, will want to help Zion. If you are able to help you can send a donation via:-

Paypal (details can be found on our donate page)  https://www.cheadleanimalwelfare.org.uk/donate/  or

Give as You Live

• Alternatively you can send a cheque to the address also on our donate page or leave it at E&E Furniture Stores, High Street, Cheadle.

*** Please mark your donation – ‘To Help Zion’ ***

Any help that you are able to give will be most gratefully appreciated.

Thank you so much. Zion deserves to have a happy life and between us we can try to ensure that he does.

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