Brad Jan

Brad was a firm favourite when he was in our care and had some very special walkers who took him out on wonderful long walks in the countryside. He also went to the home of one regularly and had a great time playing in the garden.

We were all so happy for Brad when he found a fantastic home with his ‘Mum and Dad’. He so richly deserves this. He hasn’t forgotten his walker friends though and he makes such a fuss of them when he still sees them.

As well as now enjoying lots of home comforts and plenty of walks he has also been on a caravan holiday and no doubt will have many more of these to look foward to.

He is totally devoted to his ‘Mum and Dad’…his ‘Mum’ says he so LOVES his Dad and she doesn’t get a look in when they are together! but Brad equally adores his Mum and gives her lots of kisses. He has brought such joy to them. He is a very special boy.




Brad early days Brad relaxing.brad Jan A Brad happyBrad close up


June 2019

brad on hols june 2019 Holiday by the sea!





September 2019

brad on hol 2019Brad has sent us greetings from his holiday in Wales. He says ‘ I’ve walked so much that it’s made me very tired- I’ve also been running off my lead (where there are no other doggies around!) Having a wonderful time. Love Brad’



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