buffy 2


Age: Born approx August 2021

Sex: Female

Colour: Black and white

When Buffy first came to us as a foster kitten, she was recovering from a major operation to repair a broken leg. She has a metal plate and screws in her back leg and had to be cage rested for a few weeks while the leg healed. She was such a good girl and tolerated the cage rest really well. Then she was allowed into the living room for a couple of weeks, before having free run of the house.

Beautiful Buffy is your typical kitten. Into everything, playful, inquisitive, full of beans one minute, happily snoozing the next. Buffy loves a snuggle and gives lovely kisses (although she does have a thing for glasses, whether you’re wearing them or not. She has the loudest purr motor when she gets going. She loves to play and would love a buddy to play with (her foster brothers are sometimes a bit reluctant. Her favourite toy is a plastic ball that is big enough so that it doesn’t disappear under the sofa, but she also loves chasing the balls with a bell in too.

Buffy will provide hours of entertainment, snuggles and lots of love. She will make a wonderful addition to the family


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