Cherry is a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was with us for far too long. Her new ‘Mum and Dad’ cannot understand why and it breaks their hearts to think about it but they feel they are so lucky to have her in their lives and home now. She settled in as if she had been there for ever.

She has really dropped on all of her paws and now has them wrapped around her toes well and truly we would say!! She has so many toys and the best of everything. Nothing is too much trouble for Cherry! She loves the grandchildren and they love her. Sleepovers are even more fun now- although how much sleep Cherry and everyone gets is another matter we suspect!

Cherry has already had a birthday party thrown for her! She also welcomes visitors regularly to her home and all of her ex walkers have been to see her. She has given everyone of them a fantastic welcome.

Well done Cherry and thank you so much to her ‘Mum and Dad’! They are so proud of her and love her to pieces.

IMG-20190905-WA0001 Cherry- dont tell my dad about this! Cherry out for walk on first day in new home Cherry after her walk relaxing



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