Age: Born October 2010

Sex: Female

Colour: Black and White


My name is Delilah and I have lost the home that I’ve had since I was kitten because of a change in family circumstances. It has made me very sad. How would you like to lose your home and your family after all that time? It really is upsetting but I have to get on with my life.
If you offer me a home, and I hope you will, I might be a bit shy to start with, but as long as you are patient and kind I’ll soon start to love you. I like to go outside exploring but will need a safe garden away from busy traffic.
I’m hoping that someone really nice will come along very soon and say ‘ I would like to adopt Delilah as I think she is a very pretty cat and I would love to give her a home.’
Vaccinated. Neutered. Microchipped


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