Ebony Oct 2017

Ebony is enjoying life so much now. She has a wonderful ‘Dad’ who thinks the world of her and she clearly feels the same about him too- she loves to sit on the chair with him! The whole family love her. She is a very popular young lady- everyone who visits adores her!

She has her own fields to run in and walk through with her family as well as going round them with her close neighbour (she gets on his knee too when he visits for coffee).

Still not keen on other dogs but that is not a problem where she lives.

She has a great routine. She goes to bed with her ‘Dad’, enjoys a long lie in each morning, has around 4 short walks each day with her Dad and longer walks with others too (unless its very wet of course- she doesn’t like to get wet!) and also looks forward to her regular visitors.

She is such a delightful little girl-we are so very happy for her.The welcome she gives when we visit too is absolutely wonderful.

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December 2019

What a welcome Ebony gave when I visited her just before Christmas. She sat on my knee and gave lots of kisses! She is such a happy dog and has a lovely home with her ‘Dad’. She enjoys a number of short walks every day with him and longer walks in the fields with Jane at least once a week (more when its lighter nights) and also field walks with her neighbour who has also become her best friend. Everyone loves her.

It was hard to take a photo that does her justice as she just wanted a fuss and tummy tickled!

Ebony 1 Dec 2019


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