Emily…the rabbit


A slight change of pet for us!! but can anyone offer a lovely home to Emily.

She has sadly lost her mate Henry and is now really lonely on her own. She needs a good home with an owner who has a male and who can help her bond to him so he can become her new best friend.

Emily’s date of birth is 15/03/2016.
She is a crossbreed.
She has been neutered and microchipped.
She has been vaccinated.

Emily is cheeky, nosey, mischievous and entertaining! She is also very clean and when Henry was alive she was always mothering him and cleaning him. She used to belt around the garden doing ‘binkys’ but hasn’t for a while since Henry died. She doesn’t like being handled though as it makes her very nervous and frightened.

If you can offer a good, experienced home to Emily her owner would be extremely grateful. She says ‘ Emily is such a character who is obviously sad now she’s alone, it is heartbreaking to see her like this.’

If you contact us via email with your details or tel 07731 616 025 we will pass your details onto her owner. 


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