Fergus (originally Hartley)

Gus April 2019

Fergus (originally Hartley) has found himself a fantastic home in Cheadle after being in our care for a very short time.

Fergus, or Gus for short, ventured outside into the garden for the first time on Good Friday. After sniffing near the house, he strolled down the garden under the hedge before leaving the garden and disappearing for 45 mins. His owner was very much on tenterhooks until he returned. He then had a bite to eat before disappearing for 3hrs! Gus appeared back home eventually and all was well.

Now the cat flap is opened in the morning so that Gus can explore the great outdoors but at the moment he is preferring to stay indoors rolling on his back for a tummy tickle. Gus has certainly found his perfect home.


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