Fizz and Slinky- is santa here yet

Fizz the 13 year old Fox Terrier hadn’t had a good time of things for a while when she came into our care. Her owner sadly had been taken ill and she had quite a number of months ‘in limbo’.

She has a number of ongoing medical problems which she now receives medication for but we are happy to say she has been living with her new family for a few months now and is absolutely thriving. She is a rejuvenated little dog and looks wonderful now!

She really enjoys the company of a new doggy friend in the home as well as the family cats.She is loved so much and wants for nothing. We couldn’t be happier for her. So many people took Fizz to their hearts.

The Christmas photos show how happy she is now and what a great time she has with all of the family. She is a major part of the family. Well done to Slinky the dog for making her so very welcome too. They look great together, particularly in the ‘Waiting for Santa’ photo!



Fizz getting ready for Christmas 2019 Fizz christmas jumpers Fizz and Slinky presents


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