Foster homes required- can you help?

butch dec 20

We would dearly love for a number of the dogs that really can’t settle into the kennel environment or those who need a little TLC to live in nice foster homes, Ideally located fairly close to Cheadle.

We would be looking for homes for them with people who are used to dogs and where a dog would not be left alone for long periods of time. A dog would need to be given walks regularly. The dog would need to suit the home circumstances too. Some may not like other dogs or cats or may not be happy in a busy family environment.

We can pay for or provide their food as well as taking care of all medical costs. If any of them require follow up appointments at the vets for routine or other reasons they would need to be taken to the vets that we use locally. Arrangements can be made to take them if you are not able to do so though.

If you have the right circumstances and could offer a temporary home to any of the current dogs or ones that may arrive in the future please leave your details and register your interest with us either by emailing or telephoning 07531 232 542

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