Well done Ava! So far a fantastic 450 Pounds has been raised- Giving it a Whirl for the 11 year old Dogs and Cats- Please support 11 years old Ava who will be doing 100 twirls on her exercise bar to raise money for the cats and dogs.


Ava Parker is just 11 years old and wanted to do something to help animals who are in need of a helping hand. It didn’t take her long to come up with the idea of doing 100 Twirls on her exercise bar in order to raise money for the cats and dogs in care who are also 11 years old. Mabel, is an 11 year old Staffy, Teddy is an 11 year old long haired tabby cat, and Oscar is an 11 year old black cat.

To do 100 Twirls is no easy task, but Ava is determined to do it on Saturday 5th December 2020. Mabel, Teddy and Oscar will be delighted to know that they are not forgotten as they are all very special.

The money which is raised by Ava will be used to help pay for Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meals for the 11 year olds over Christmas, together with some extra Christmas Treats. Ava, Mabel, Teddy and Oscar are hoping that as many people as possible will donate something, no matter how small, to help to make their Christmas a happy one.

Please support Ava and the 11 year olds by donating https://donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundraising/giving-it-a-whirl

Thank you so much.


  • Calendar icon November 11, 2020
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