Gracie 1

Age: 3.5 Years

Sex: Female (arrangements will be made for her to be spayed)

Breed: Rough haired Jack Russell Cross     Tan & Black


Gracie is a very pretty, tiny rough haired Jack Russell cross with some Patterdale in her. She has lived with her sister and another older Jack Russell since she was a puppy but in the last few months has become very anxious and has really taken against the other little dogs. Despite following advice and introducing intervention measures her owners sadly realise that for Gracie to be happy again and also the other little dogs, the dogs need to live separately.

They want to make sure Gracie finds a perfect home as she is such a lovely little dog who will make a wonderful companion to someone who understands the natural behaviour of little terriers such as Jack Russells!


She will need a lot of understanding and support with the anxiety problems she has now developed including travelling in the car!

She has a sweet nature, craves company and loves her lovely woodland on-lead walks. Although she can be anxious she’s very affectionate & loves her toys especially ‘Badger’. She will really thrive in a home where she gets the sole attention of someone and where there are no other pets or children in the household to cause her anxiety to get her upset or over excited.

She will love to sit and watch TV with you, having ‘gentle’ cuddles after a nice day spent outdoors as much as possible, ideally having had playtime in the garden after a nice walk out. She is a very bright little dog and learns things quickly.

She loves to be out in the garden so she must find a home which has a nice garden area for her to enjoy. It must be fully fenced and being tiny, very secure at the bottom too!

Gracie has been used to living in the remote countryside and having daily walks in woodlands, dales and along very quiet lanes. She does get a little frightened if ever near to a busy road where lots of cars may have to pass her. She must find a home in a similar quiet village or countryside area away from busy roads and not in a busy dog walking area.


Please ring 07731 616 025 if you feel you can offer Gracie everything in a home that she is seeking.

Gracie 2



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