Henley *** Rehomed***

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Age: 10 years. Born 13 Feb 2012 **

Sex: Male Neutered

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier


** As Henley is an older dog Cheadle Animal Welfare Society will take responsibility for any veterinary treatment if he needs any in the future at Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital, Meir Park. **

Henley has been such a faithful companion but sadly his owner died. He is so gorgeous. A little wobbly at times but is a young at heart, good natured boy who deserves a really nice home. He is very friendly and whilst happy to relax in his bed (and snore!) for quite a lot of the day he is still an active boy in short spurts!

He really does love to spend some time playing with you and can get quite excited with enjoyment, then have a lie down!  We have discovered he is very hard of hearing so have started to introduce techniques to get him to focus on you during walks and particularly during his daily playtime sessions so that he knows when you want him to do or stop something. His new owner should carry on working with him on this as it is definitely working and he is loving the attention. A ball to chase, a kong to chew on, a rope toy to tug at with you or a cuddly toy to carry are all real pleasures to Henley.

He is really enjoying his daily short walks. He walks along very nicely but he is still a very strong boy so needs someone who will not be pulled over by him if he did suddenly decide to go and investigate something- which isn’t that often!

He is looking for plenty of home comforts (he loves chicken), a nice, secure garden in which he can relax in or play with you and have short daily walks. In return he will become your best friend and constant companion.

He really is an absolute delight to be with and fully deserves to be given the time and attention he needs to help him overcome his lack of hearing. He is so loving once he engages with you, expect a few kisses!

He really ought to be back in a loving home environment as soon as possible so he can enjoy a nice retirement.

Please, please do consider Henley as your next companion.

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