Jasmine (now Jess)…. June 2019 update

Jess aber falls

What wonderful news we have had about Jasmine- now Jess. Look what her lovely new family have to say.

‘After 5 weeks with us Jess is now at home with her new family. So much so she has now gone on her first family holiday – spending almost a week with the family in their touring caravan at Delamere Forest.


jess asleep!


Here she hajess and dens stood guard while we built a den, and has walked and walked through the forest in search of The Gruffalo.



We’ll be home soon and she can again settle into being in charge, and as the picture shows she can certainly work up the need for a good rest! Safe to say she’s in charge and settling in very well, and she and George are inseparable, as you can see from a recent picture of them both fast asleep……’

We are so thrilled for her and all of the family, especially George!


Update May 2015

‘Jess spends her entire life with us looking for bit of sun on carpets etc as it comes through windows to lie in….and will go to great lengths (such as lying half on raised bed / half on window ledge) to make the most of it when she finds some!

Sorry we couldn’t make the dog show last month – we were at a family photo shoot at a photographers. Jess was also there too – so she’ll be on the pictures once they’re produced and be on the wall with us!’

Jess is so lucky to have found such a wonderful family to ‘live with her!’ We are so thrilled. If ever a little dog deserved such a lovely home it is Jess.

Jess (was Jasmine) May 16


And Jess having a great time on her recent holiday!

Jess was jasmine on the beach jess and best friend jess caravan 1 jess fields


 September 2015

The lovely star of the front cover of our 2016 Calendar with her own copies- ‘signed copies could be arranged’!jess star of calendar cover 2016





December 2016

Another great Christmas and another toy to play with…. until I’ve destroyed it….. but I always get replacements!


March 2017

Jess now has a new ‘little brother’ to look after. He too had a terrible start to life but as Jess has already found out he can now look forward to a really wonderful one. Perfect companions already! We look foward to seeing both of them at our sponsored dog walk in May.

jess and stan  jess and stan march 2017


May 2019

Jess May 2019 Looking so good..and coming to our Sponsored walk again on the 9th June- We can’t wait to see her and Stan…..and the family too of course!

They came along of course and it was great to see them. Both looking great.


Jess and Stanley June 2019


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