Jet a

Jet is a gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel. One look from him and he just melts you! Such a handsome boy with the nicest of temperaments.

Jet wasn’t with us for very long unsurprisingly but everyone who met and walked him immediately fell in love with him! He was very quickly snapped up by his new family who think he is absolutely wonderful. A great addition to their family. They already know that he knows how to ‘wrap them round his little paw’- so I’m afraid Jet they are on to you but I’m sure you will be getting everything you ever want anyway!

He lives in a wonderful rural setting which gives him the chance to have loads of lovely long walks. The local ducks may be giving him a wide berth mind you as his instinct to ‘follow’ birds is very much still there!

Jet can look forward to a great life again. Well done you!

 Jet d jet hJet g Jet c


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