Jet *** Rehomed ***

Jet Feb21

Age: 9.5 Years

Sex: Male

Breed: Cocker Spaniel


Jet is just fabulous. His owner who has had him since a puppy is reluctantly having to part with him. Jet has never lived with other pets or children but he has a lovely nature. He gets on well with other dogs when he is out walking with them.

He has been used to whistle commands we believe and he is constantly sniffing for things when on his walks- a busy boy.

He matches the characteristics of his breed (see below) and is a large boy who can jump and get out of places, so he needs a very secure garden with a good height to the fences.




N.B. Information about Working Cocker Spaniels
A cocker bred from working lines physically resembles their ancestors quite closely. They are small but strong and robust, with high hunting and retrieving instincts. For their size they can lift heavy objects larger than their own size, jump high fences and hedges easily and run fast.


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