Kobi (Update Dec 2019)

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Kobi is such a very handsome Malamute. He was in our care far too long and at 10 years old we we were getting worried that he was being overlooked by people.

He has such a wonderful nature and his walkers absolutely loved him. We were so thrilled when he was offered a home by his new ‘Mum and Dad’ who have considerable experience with large dog breeds. It was love at first sight!

He settled into his new home immediately despite being in kennels for around 20 months. He slept right though his first night in his new home without a murmur and its been that way ever since! He took a little while to understand about getting into the car but has sorted that one now and is enjoying getting out and about on wonderful walks in the countryside. He of course still enjoys his food and treats and doesn’t miss a trick if anything is left around!

His coat is absolutely wonderful and it is like silk- he loves to be brushed and pampered! He hasn’t forgotten us though and gave a particularly wonderful welcome to one of his favourite walkers when we visited him recently.

He so deserves his new wonderful home and is much loved already. It is very clear how happy Kobi is. Everyone he meets when out and about thinks he is fantastic and rightly so.

We are all so happy for you Kobi.

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December 2019

We were delighted when Kobi and his ‘Mum and Dad’ came to visit us. He has been in his home almost 12 months now. He looks absolutely magnificent and has so many admirers wherever he goes.

He hadn’t forgotten us and gave us all a lovely greeting. He and Roxie the Malinois hit it off too and had a very nice walk together. He really deserves to have found such a wonderful home.

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