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Lady Feb 2020

Update 25th February

We now have the results for Lady’s biopsies.










The big lump on her side  was found to be a Follicular haematoma which is caused by infected sweat glands and hair follicles. Although this has now been removed there is a chance that it will grow back, but if it does we will deal with it. It is not malignant which is good news. Of the 2 mammary tumours which were removed one was a slow growing tumour but, sadly, the other one is more worrying. However vet Horatio did manage to remove all of the tumours which is great news and there was no sign that anything had spread into her lungs. Lady is going to Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital Meir Park on Thursday, 27th February, for a check up so we’ll let you know how she gets on.

So far she is doing really well and is enjoying life with her foster Mum and Dad who absolutely adore her. She has a cosy new bed, although she much prefers to sit on someone’s lap, she is eating well, is very clean in the house and sleeps all through the night. Hopefully she will have many months to enjoy her life with lovely white, clean teeth and no big lumps to drag around.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to help us pay for Lady’s veterinary care. She is a truly wonderful little dog and deserves the very best we can give her.



Yet again we have been asked to help an animal in dire need of veterinary care and lots of love.

This time it’s an older Jack Russell bitch who we have called Lady. She was found as a stray with a huge and horrendous growth attached to her side. It was so big it was dragging on the floor and had probably been there for a very long time. It got in the way when Lady was walking, but she had obviously learned to live with it. The kind person who found Lady took her to Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital, Meir Park where she was given lots of TLC but when no one came forward to claim her we stepped in to help. Everyone at the hospital fell in love with her. All she wanted was to sit on your knee and have a cuddle. An absolutely delightful little dog.

Upon examination Lady was found to not only have the huge lump on her side but also 3 mammary tumours and horrendous teeth. Her breath was really stinky and you couldn’t see her teeth for tartar. Just imagine how awful that would be for her when she was eating her food. She has paralysis on one side of her face, but thankfully that is not causing any problems and she also has very waxy ears. Why on earth anyone had allowed her to get into such a state is beyond me. This little dog had been in trouble for a long time and no one had bothered to help her.

On Monday 17th February vet Horatio stepped in to carry out the difficult procedure of removing the huge lump only to find that there was also a hernia which needed to be repaired, he also removed the mammary tumours and carried out a dental. Front teeth were removed but surprisingly, once cleaned up, the back teeth were able to be saved. We are now waiting for the lab report on the tumours and hoping that it doesn’t reveal anything sinister.

Following her surgery Lady was feeling very sore and looked very sad, but with every passing day there has been an improvement and today, Saturday 22nd February she is going to a foster home where she will get loads of cuddles and TLC.

The veterinary care Lady has received is very expensive as she has had intricate surgery, a dental, x rays, blood tests, biopsies and several overnight stays at the hospital. The care Lady has received has been second to none and if you met Lady you would understand that she is worth every single penny. She is an absolute delight and now has a chance to live out the rest of her days with people who will love her to bits.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Lady’s care can do so with a cheque or cash left at E+E Furniture Stores, High Street, Cheadle, a cheque sent to the address on the donate page of this website ( , via PayPal or via Give as You  Please mark your donation ‘To help Lady’.

Thank you so much. Together we can make Lady a very happy little dog.

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