Marnie april b

We knew Marnie wouldn’t be with us very long when she came into our care- she is simply gorgeous! We weren’t wrong! She has only been with her new ‘Mum and Dad’ a couple of weeks but as her photo gallery shows it looks like she has been there for ever.

She settled herself in immediately. She investigated every room, checked out all the nice places where she would like to lie and then went off to play with another family member’s lovely Staffy on that very first afternoon. What a great time she had and then she shared the sofa with him after their game of ball. Marnie made it quite clear she was here for good as this was definitely a great home to be in.

She is going to be so spoiled – in the nicest of ways and why not indeed, she is such a delight to be with. Her ‘Mum and Dad’ are so happy to have her and can’t believe their good luck I think!  I’m sure Marnie feels exactly the same.

Marnie sucking her tongue Marnie Apri Marnie 8 Marnie 7 marnie 6 marnie 5 marnie 3 marnie 2 Marnie 1


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