Oscar August 2019 update

Oscar June 2017

Oscar is a perfect ‘gentleman’. He was a real star when he was in our care. Everyone at the kennels loved him, the walkers all enjoyed taking him out for walks and he was great with all the other dogs he came across.

He has now found himself a wonderful home and has settled in immediately. He has gained a new best friend and a family who think he is absolutely marvellous- which of course he is!

He wakes the children up with lots of kisses each morning- a great alarm clock! He has also started to win many new friends on his travels around his new area.

We are all so pleased for him as he is really is a lovely boy. Thanks to Saffy for being so welcoming to him too, they look great together.



oscar and saffron 13 march 2017 oscar relaxing march 2017

oscar and saffron first day  Oscar boating   oscar and saffyoscar having a cuddle

Ready for Christmas and looking great!

ozzie & jess Dec 2017  ozzie Dec 2017

oscar asleep with his best mate cropped saffy

Relaxing!  oscar feb 2019

April 2019

He is so lovely and always happy..and with such smashing friends to play with why shouldn’t he be!

Oscar Saffy and friend Oscar Saffy and friend 2 Oscar Saffy and friend 3

May 2019

Look who’s climbed the The Wrekin this week…twice!

oscar and saffy on the wrekin Oscar climbing the Wrekin

Summer holidays 2019

What a lucky boy!  Oscar and Saffy on their hols and relaxing!

 oscar watchdog oscar tired oscar peeping oscar boat oscar beach run oscar beach oscar and saffy tired oscar and saffy sofa oscar model gorgeous boy Oscar oscar & saffy bed


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