After waiting so very long and patiently in the kennels for a wonderful home to be offered to her everyone is over the moon that Paige has finally had her wishes answered! We are so thrilled for her.

She has a lovely ‘Mum and Dad’ who absolutely dote on her. After so long in the kennels she found it a bit strange at night in her new home but she need not have worried as ‘Mum and Dad’ took it turns to stay with her over the first few nights….of course now she has her bed upstairs! She will want for nothing! What a great future she has ahead of her.

She is so contented and relaxed as you can see by the photographs. She does enjoy lovely, long walks too but she does enjoy her relaxation time!

Thank you ‘Mum and Dad’ you have not only made Paige’s Christmas but all of ours too. Her regular walkers miss her but are so very, very happy for her.

IMG-20201104-WA0006 (2) IMG-20201128-WA0005   IMG-20201115-WA0009 IMG-20201115-WA0008    IMG-20201115-WA0005 IMG-20201115-WA0007


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