Age: Approx 7 yrs

Sex: Female Spayed

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross


Paige is an absolute sweetheart. She is loved by so many people as she is a lovely dog to spend time with. She enjoys life to the full – she loves to chase a ball, bring it back then chase it again and will do that for ages. She is not keen on other dogs but that’s much the same as lots of other dogs. In an area where everyone is controlling their dogs on leads she is a good girl but its nicer for her and you if you can avoid busy dog walking areas.

She loves to go for walks with her dog walking friends and has often visited Froghall Wharf, the Paddocks for Paws Freedom Field at Bradnop (which she absolutely loves), even Trentham Gardens as well as other interesting places. She travels well in a car. One way to Paige’s heart is to give her sausages. She just adores sausages.

Paige needs to find a home where she is the only pet and is probably best in a home where there are no young children. She is a strong dog. She will need a home where people are around all day and where there is a safe enclosed garden so that she can enjoy having the freedom to run around. She will need daily walks and will particularly enjoy being taken for regular walks in the countryside. It would be much nicer for Paige if she can find a home situated away from busy roads.

Paige will be a faithful and loyal companion if only someone will give her the chance.

Paige June 13 2018   Paige bb Paige cc    phone nov 2019 037  IMG-20200713-WA0000

Paige loves visiting her best friends in their home each week and as you can see she can quickly make herself at home. It would be lovely for her to have such home comforts all of the time.

IMG-20200924-WA0002 IMG-20200924-WA0003 IMG-20200924-WA0001 (2)







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