Paige June 13 2018

Age: Approx 5 yrs

Sex: Female Spayed

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X


Paige is a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier X. She has a very loving nature with people but is not keen on other dogs when they are passing too close to her. Quite a strong girl but walks really nicely- something she really enjoys. She has regular walkers who think she is wonderful and she goes out and about regularly. She enjoys sausages whether on her walks to the local Fishery or at Hetty’s in Froghall!

Paige is such a lovely girl and follows given commands well. She walks really nicely to heel. She is worried by vehicles and does pull at them if passing close by. She needs to be helped to overcome that and is really improving but it would be much nicer for Paige if she can find a home situated well away from busy roads so she and you can enjoy walks away from such challenges. She loves countryside and canal walks.

She has been on a number of walks around Trentham Gardens on early morning walks before it gets too busy and she made us very proud of her as she has been so good. She sits nicely inside or outside the cafes too while her walkers enjoy a coffee.

It’s loose dogs coming up to her that would be a problem but in an area where everyone is controlling their dogs on leads she is a good girl.

She will need to be the only pet in the home and would love all of the attention and why not, she really deserves to have that. She will give you lots of love in return.

It is such a shame she is in kennels as she is such a loving girl who loves to play and will thrive in a lovely home. She wants to be sitting with you in a lovely home environment, with the opportunity to run in the garden and have plenty of regular nice walks.

   phone nov 2019 037    paige resting after playing paige jan 2020 on outing

Paige regularly enjoys having a great time at the Paddocks For Paws secure dog field facility. She really enjoys running, playing ball, rolling over to her hearts content and generally showing her walkers what a fantastic dog she is and what a great companion she will be. She still manages to get a trip in to get her sausages too or visiting her walker’s home before having to then go back to the kennels.

MuPaige 28 Marchch as we love her, we can’t wait for the day when she heads off to a wonderful new home after such a lovely morning out! She is such a loving girl who deserves a home with people around most of the day so she can become their loyal companion.



Paige training her walkers in a ‘clicker’ training session!




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