Please sponsor our walkers who are walking for ‘Pennies For Forgotten Paws’ on Saturday 13th August 2022 *As it is due to be very hot on Saturday a new date will likely be arranged!

Dottie 2[6110]

On Saturday 13th August 2022 a small group of dedicated supporters are donning their walking boots and putting their best foot forward to do a Sponsored Walk near Parwich, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The age range of the participants is varied, with the oldest being 80 years of age and the youngest 11 years, there will hopefully be a few dogs taking part as well and will include Chihuahua sisters who owe their lives to Cheadle Animal Welfare Society.

**As the weather is due to be very hot on Saturday 13th August an alternative day will likely be organised! **

The money raised from this Sponsored Walk will be used to help pay for Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meals and/or Veterinary Care for cats, Dottie, Dixie and Darcy plus Scarlet, a Dogue de Bordeaux cross, who are finding it difficult to persuade someone to adopt them.


Black and white Dottie (above) came into care in April 2021 with hardly any fur on her body. Through neglect from her previous owner, she had never been given a flea treatment and when she became infested with fleas Dottie scratched out nearly all of her fur. Most of it has now grown back, but she still has a few small bald patches with the result that no one will give her a home.

Dixie and Darcy 3[6109]Dixie and Darcy are 9 year old brother and sister and have been in care since July 2021. Their ‘problem’ is that they are all black and very few people offer a home to a black cat. They are also a bit shy with strangers so when anyone visits the cattery they go into hiding, not the best thing to do to encourage someone to give them a home.



scarlet 9Scarlet is a Dogue de Bordeaux cross who has had to come back into care following the death of her devoted owner who gave her a home in 2018 when Scarlet had already been in care for 3 years. She is such a pretty dog, but is big and strong and can be picky about who she likes and who she doesn’t.

These forgotten boy and girls are absolutely delightful and we are doing our very best to help them. Just because no one else seems to want them, we do and we are doing everything we can to make their stay with us a happy experience until they find that special someone to give them the home they deserve.


We hope you agree and that you will sponsor the walkers to contribute to the care of Dottie, Dixie, Darcy and Scarlet.

Sponsorship donations can be made via Give as you Live

or via Paypal or contact us for further ways to donate.

Thank you so much

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