Roxie- lovely and cool

Breed: Belgian Shepherd- Malinois

Sex: Female  Spayed

Age: 4 Years


Roxie is such a happy girl, really lovely, very affectionate and playful. She loves tennis balls to play with and just loves to be tickled and stroked!. She does need a very secure garden with high fences as she does escape if given the chance if she is not occupied or watched.

She needs a home where people are around during the day, who can fully occupy her and who likely lead an active life which will involve her. Who wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time with her- she is gorgeous.

We know she has lived with another dog before and she really enjoys a good long walk with Mikey  but she can be a bit choosy about some little dogs she meets when out on her walks and is not keen on them!

As long as she can walk for miles and have lots of fuss from everyone with tummy tickles in between she is very happy.


She is a strong girl but she can walk nicely on the lead and is extremely loving with her walkers. She is a very quick learner and just loves to be out with you. She would probably enjoy agility training….anything that can stimulate her.


Roxie isn’t happy around horses though. She really does demonstrate the points below that are typical of her breed and these need to be considered when offering her a home. A future owner who can give her plenty of long country walks is the ideal for her.

Roxie Jan Roxie has a great time running through the fields and woods with one of her walkers each week and she could still go on and on…..  She’s visited home too and met other family members- she is in her element- ‘ lots of stimulating exercise and the chance to be fussed by lots of people’.

Roxie has been enjoying trips to ‘Paddock for Paws’ freedom field at Bradnop plus walks around Froghall Picnic area. She travels well and has such a fantastic time running around and playing when she is in the very secure field.


*** These are general points for anyone to note about Belgian Shepherd Dogs 

They are highly intelligent.
Quick to learn new things and excel at many canine activities.
Better suited to people who live in the country or who have large, secure back gardens.
Belgian Shepherd Dogs need a lot of vigorous exercise and mental stimulation.
Can be destructive around the home if not given enough exercise
Low boredom threshold.
Not the best choice for first time dog owners.
They have a high prey drive so will give chase to animals that run away so great care should be taken when near livestock. Only take off lead in a secure area.



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