Bob September 2019 yr update

Bob scott xmas 2017 3

Our lovely Scott who is now Bob settled immediately into his new home. His first afternoon saw him stretched out on the rug with a toy and he slept right through without a murmur that same night. He might have always lived there!

He is such a gentle boy who came to us in a bit of a state to say the least and needed urgent medical care. He so richly deserves the wonderful home he can now call his and has gained a family who are so delighted he has found them. They love him to bits as do all the visiting family and grandchildren. He has such a wonderful nature and is winning many new friends.

We are all thrilled for him.

bobbeing cuddled scott bob

Bob has had a wonderful first Christmas in his new home and has clearly entered into the spirit of it all, no doubt rewarded with lots of presents! He is such a wonderful boy who would make anyone’s Christmas special. What a happy new year he can look forward to.

Bob (Scott) reindeer Bob Scott reindeer 2 Bob scott Xmas 2017 2 Bob scott xmas 2017 3 Bob Scott Xmas 2017

May 2018

Bob has such a wonderful life now. Well deserved young man we say!

Bob May 2018 Bob May 2018 a

September 2019

Bob’s ‘Mum and Dad’ have sent an update following Bob’s annual trip to Formby beach.

They say, ‘He was off the lead for the first time and he was a really good boy. He played with other dogs, ran around like crazy and kept coming back to us. We’re so pleased with him’.

What a great boy he is, it’s so lovely to see him having such a good time and enjoying life to the full.

Bob on his hols 2019


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