Spud and Archie – update January 2020


Well it took a while to find a home for Spud and Archie where they could stay together but my word I think they now know it was worth the wait to find such a lovely new home, with a ‘Mum and Dad’ who absolutely adore them!

Their walkers loved taking them out when they were with us and will be so thrilled, as are all of us to see after just a few days how wonderful they look and so very happy.

Well done boys you deserve such good luck and thank you so much to ‘Mum and Dad’- you have two little treasures!

spud-and-toy-jan-2017 spud-jan-a

archie-jan-2017-b archie-jan-2017

… and their latest photos- I think they are well and truly settled and spoilt for choice re where to sit or lie! Smashing!

spud and archie jan 12 2017 a Spud and Archie playing Jan 2017 archie jan 2017 resting Spud Jan 2017 Aspud Jan 2017 spud and archie in bed spud..in bedarchie in bed spud and archie 25 jan 2017


These boys are so photogenic!

Spud and Archie watching spud and archie asleep spud and archie and paddling pool

Spud and Archie Aug 2017a spud and archie in bed oct 2017 spud and archie and dad asleep

archie asleep oct 2017


March 2018

The boys are looking so good in 2018. They are absolute stars. It’s been a full on 15 months since they went to live with their ‘Mum and Dad’ and they are in their absolute element. Even trying their hand at dog agility classes. Regular walks are the order of the day but with lots of relaxing too in all the best places. Archie isn’t always an early riser preferring to lie in bed (not always his own bed!) and get up when all the morning chores are done!

spud archie 2018 spud March 2018 spud and archie beach archie 2018

Summer 2018

The boys have been to Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, Archie loves the sea and had a great time jumping little waves, Spud did have a little paddle but was not that taken with it, Archie managed to travel 207 miles and not be ill travelling thanks to a lady who is also helping to get him to be happy with other dogs, so really proud of him. Both of them had a fun time exploring.

spud summer 2018 b spud summer 2018 spud and archie summer 2018


March 2019

The boys had another great Christmas and are still enjoying lots of great walks in their lovely home locality.

dec 2018 archie spud dec 2018 spud archie 2

latest walk 3 spud and archie latest walk 4 spud and archie latest walk spud and archie


September 2019

Well these little boys are becoming quite the intrepid travellers. They have been to Somerset and Scotland this year and did 800 miles on the Scotland trip! They certainly travel in style in their mobile home- well it was bought for them really! They are loved so very much. It is wonderful to see them so happy. Their ‘Mum and Dad’ say they have brought so much to their lives and they are so lucky to have them… Spud and Archie are also very, very lucky.

Spud & Archie and Mum   Spud & Archie & Dad  Archie sept 2019 Spud Archie sept 2019 asleep Spud sept 2019

December 2019

Well the boys have had another fantastic Christmas – lots of presents and lots of love of course. They didn’t forgot the current boys and girls in our care either at Christmas and sent treats over for them to enjoy too!

Spud Dec 2019 2 Spud & Archie Dec 2019 1 Spud & Archie Dec 2019 4 Spud & Archie Dec 2019 3  Archie Dec 2019 6


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