Update on Zion, the injured tabby Tom- Now Frank

Zion (Frank)

Latest update- March 8th

Zion has had a name change. He is now called Frank and is doing very well. He paid a visit to Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital Meir Park last Friday for an X Ray. His bones have healed well so he was able to have the external fixator removed. He has a slight infection which is being treated with antibiotics so hopefully that will soon clear up. The plate holding his broken femur together may have to be removed at a later date, but so far so good.
Frank is enjoying life in his foster home and loves to play with 10 month old Chihuahua, Twinkle.

A huge Thank You to everyone who made donations to help us pay for Frank’s veterinary care. Between us we have saved his life and made him and Twinkle very happy.


Zion went to his wonderful foster home on Friday and has settled in really well. He’s getting lots of attention and enjoys having his coat brushed. He has to have cage rest for another 5 weeks with small periods of gentle exercise.

From his photo you can see the extent of the surgery he had to undergo with more stitches under his tummy where the repair was made on the hernia in his diaphragm. Apparently through all the trauma he underwent he always purred for the nurses. What a brave boy.

The cost of the veterinary care to save his life was very, very expensive, but worth every penny to have been able to save the life of this fabulous cat.

Latest update at 23 January

Zion went to see vet Horatio for a check up today at Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital Meir Park. Horatio was really pleased with Zion’s progress. The staples were removed from his leg and the stitches were removed from his abdomen. There was no inflammation or infection which was brilliant. Zion has to continue with cage rest for a few weeks more and go back for X Rays next week to check that everything is healing correctly.

Everybody is really pleased with his progress. Foster Mum Lesley T is doing a wonderful job.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to help pay for Zion’s veterinary care. He has gained many friends and we are most grateful.

If anyone would like to contribute towards the cost of the veterinary care you can do so via:-

• Paypal (details can be found on our donate page) https://www.cheadleanimalwelfare.org.uk/donate/ or

• Give as You Live

• Alternatively you can send a cheque to the address also on our donate page or leave it at E&E Furniture Stores, High Street, Cheadle.

*** Please mark your donation – ‘To Help Zion’ ***


We are so grateful to Vet Horatio and all the nurses at Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital, Meir Park who worked so hard to save Zion’s life and thank you so much also to everyone who has sent donations.

It is so good to know that there are people who care. Zion now has every chance to live a long and happy life.

Thank you 

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