Walter’s Operation


A very big thank you to everyone who has already donated to help Walter.

There have been so many wonderful people who have helped. The total raised for him so far is £805 which is absolutely brilliant. We cannot thank you all enough.

Several days ago an elderly grey Tom cat was taken to Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital, Meir Park having been found as a stray. There’s nothing new in that you might say, but this cat’s eyes were in a shocking state and he was very underweight. His eyes were very red and sore and must have been extremely painful. He probably could see very little and must have been in this condition for a long time. Someone had neglected to help him and just left him to suffer a great deal of pain and discomfort. walter 2

When the vets examined him he was found to have an Entropion in both eyes – this is a condition where the eyelids are folded inwards causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye. Can you imagine how that must have felt? He must have been suffering for months and as if that wasn’t bad enough he was also found to be hyperthyroid, a condition where the thyroid gland in his neck is over active.

The vets and nurses at Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital immediately started to treat his eyes and waited for someone to claim him, but no one did. At this point Cheadle Animal Welfare Society stepped in to try to help this cat who has been called Walter. In consultation with the vets it was decided that he should have an operation on his eyes as soon as possible to correct the Entropion and at the same time remove his thryroid glands. Horatio, one of the veterinary surgeons, performed the delicate operation which lasted over 2 hours and successfully removed one of Walter’s thryoid glands and corrected the Entropion.

Walter is now doing really well. He is much happier and no longer pulls away when drops are put into his eyes. He’s enjoying his food and all the fuss he is getting from the nurses. You can see the gratitude on his face. He’s purring once more and has already found a wonderful foster home where he will be loved to bits and his every whim will be catered for.

Both Walter and Cheadle Animal Welfare Society are extremely grateful to Vets, Hywel and Horatio and all the Nurses at Lime Trees Veterinary Hospital, Meir Park for their expertise and kindness in enabling Walter to have the chance of living a happy, pain free life. He now has much to look forward to and will never have to suffer again.

If there is anyone who would like to contribute towards the cost of Walter’s operation you can do so via Paypal, (
Give as You Live:

or by leaving cash or a cheque (made out to Cheadle Animal Welfare) at E+E Furniture Stores, High Street, Cheadle or Lime Trees Veterinary Clinic.

Please mark your donation ‘For Walter’s Operation’.

Thank you!


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