We are still living in very difficult times at present with the spectre of Covid 19 ever present. We have a Give as You Live donate page if you wish to donate.

Paige March

WE ARE SO PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO RESUME OUR RE-HOMING ACTIVITIES NOW although our procedures may be slightly different to before!  

So please do contact us if you are able to offer a home to one of the cats or dogs!

Contact details:

Cats- 01889 564045 or 01335 390369

Dogs-07731 616 025

Email: cheadleanimalwelfare@hotmail.co.uk

We are however still unable to carry out any fund raising activities so this will cause a big strain on our funds as we will have a great deal more money being spent than is coming in.



We appreciate that everyone is still under a great deal of strain in these uncertain times but if anyone is able to make a donation to help us care for the dogs and cats currently in our care it would be greatly appreciated.

button-square-donate-navy Click on link below

You can do so via Give as You Live

Thank you so much to everyone who has already given their support.

Continue to Stay safe.



2nd April

We are very, very grateful to everyone who has sent donations to help our Waifs and Strays during this very difficult time. It is at times like this that we need our friends and our Waifs and Strays certainly have lots of those which is wonderful to know. Fortunately they are all well.

The dogs are getting lots of lovely walks with the girls at the kennels and also having fun-time in the enclosed exercise area.

mabel april 2020 Paige April


The cats are enjoying lots of fuss and attention and have plenty of toys to play with.

Betty 4 Polar

We are sadly no longer able to find any of them new homes until this awful Coronavirus has been dealt with, but they will be well looked after and they are safe.

Money is being spent much faster than it is coming in as we are not able to do any fundraising at the moment so we would be most grateful to anyone who is able to make a donation , no matter how small, to help us pay the bills for the care of the dogs and many cats who are currently staying with us. You can make a donation via Give as you Live:
https://donate.giveasyoulive.com/fundraising/difficult-times. All the money donated will be used to pay for the care of the animals. We do not have premises of our own, so have no maintenance costs and everyone who works for Cheadle Animal Welfare Society is a volunteer.

We would also be grateful for donations of food, especially cat food, which can be left in the food collection ‘Kennel’ in the entrance to Morrisons in Cheadle, at Cross Street Pet Stores, Cheadle and also at Pets at Home, Uttoxeter. Treats for the dogs are also greatly appreciated.

July 2020

We are thankfully back to most of our re-homing activity, although it may be in a slightly different way to how we operated before! So please do contact us if interested in offering a home to one of the cats or dogs! Our dog Walkers are also glad to be back too!


Thank you all so much and please keep yourselves safe.


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