Zeus (now Zack) Update November 2019

zac cuddled up

We are so pleased to be able to say that one very special dog has just had his best ever Christmas!






Zeus and rope ballZeus, who had been in our care for just over 2 years went to his new home in November 2016 and settled in immediately. He is a complete star. He is such a happy boy, still larger than life if given the chance but everyone who meets him thinks he is a complete delight. He enjoys company pretty much all of the time (he also has a doggy girlfriend who visits him too!) with lots of great walks thrown in each day- just perfect.

Importantly he enjoys his home comforts too! As well as his own ‘den’ area where he can chill out he loves nothing more than lying on a lap for a cuddle and sleep. He is such a big softee.

His followers still get updates about him and have been to see him. His best friend and walker Sue had a smashing time with him again when she visited him at Christmas in his new home.

We are so happy for him. He is fully deserving of such a lovely home.

Zac and sue visting Dec 2016    Zack and Lexy and 'son'

Zack asleep on sofa Jan  Zack and his girlfiends    Zac Dec 2016  Zack April 2017 Zack April2017 Dimmingsdale website

Zack looking good Nov 2019 …and still looking great in November 2019. What a gorgeous boy he is.





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