Simon and Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel 3

‘After keeping them indoors for three weeks I let them go outside for the first time. It was rather nerve wracking. Garfunkel was immediately climbing every tree and went off exploring like a feline Christopher Columbus. Simon was less adventurous and was happy to stick around the patio. Simon is very good at coming when called whereas Garfunkel has selective hearing – but they are now used to going in and out through the cat flap and I keep them in at night. I still worry a bit though.

When I’m working they still sit with me, Simon usually on his chair and Garfunkel on the bed on my desk, but, as you will see in the photographs, they sometimes both squeeze in together. Simon washes Garfunkel and they play together – so I’m really glad that I was able to have them both and keep them together. They have very different personalities but are both really lovely cats and they make me very happy.

I’m so pleased with Simon and Garfunkel – they have brightened up my life no end.’
Simon and Garfunkel 5


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