Mabel ** Can we get Mabel a wonderful retirement in a long term foster home?

Mabel October 2018

Age: Approx 13 years

Sex: Female

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Are you an experienced dog owner who could could offer Mabel a long term fairly local foster home ( no more than half hour away)? It would be wonderful. We will provide ongoing support and even assistance with walks for her if needed as long as close to us (Cheadle, Staffordshire). She must find a home that allows her to still have continuity of her own vets too whenever needed as she does have a few ailments that need to be kept an eye on.

She does have some specific requirements which are important to note.

  • She has been in kennels far too long, so will need patience when settling into a home environment again. House training for example.
  • She does not care for other dogs so needs a home where there are no other pets.
  • She walks fine in areas where dogs are on lead and they don’t have to pass too close but she doesn’t walk in such as parks or open fields where there are many off lead dogs who will come up to her!
  • She does have her own ways and whilst a fuss is nice, it will be on her terms- don’t overstep the mark.

She so deserves a home where she will be spoilt rotten in her retirement years. A private secure garden is needed so she can enjoy quality outside time without other dogs being around. She really enjoys going out for a walk, having a fuss made of her and then relaxing when she gets back.

Mabel is ideally suited to a home where she can become a companion to a couple or someone on their own. If there are children in the home they would need to be older teenagers used to dogs. She gets on particularly well with ladies or gently spoken gentlemen.

As well as long walks and ‘stop offs’ around the local areas quite a few days each week with her long term walker Mabel has other regular walkers who take her out daily too. They all think she is a great girl with character and understand her particular ways! She enjoys the varied treats she gets but bacon and sausages definitely go down very well!

We would dearly love her to find a smashing home. She is definitely a character and someone experienced with dogs is needed her but she so deserves the chance to have her own home. If Mabel takes a shine to you, you are well away. A number of nice meetings over a few weeks for you both to get to know one another will be required.

Mabel is also one of our sponsor dogs if you would like to sponsor her. Her details and latest updates are found via this link. to her sponsor page.


Mabel cuddles 2 oct 4 2017

Mabel has her weekly outing to her friends so she can be given lots of cuddles and fuss made of her! She enjoys her treats and a cuddle on the settee while we have a coffee in their summerhouse.

Mabel may 2018 b






If only she had a nice garden to play iMabel playing ball Octobern all of the time!






Mabel- comfy!   IMG-20201104-WA0002






Vaccinated, microchipped.








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