A fantastic £1,399.25 raised through the 🎅🐾Christmas Pets @ Home Uttoxeter fundraising event

pets at home uttoxeter Dec

A huge thank you to the team at Pets at Home Uttoxeter for raising an amazing £1399.25 for Cheadle Animal Welfare following the national Support Adoption for Pets Santa Paws Appeal which took place in November/December. 

To raise this amount in such difficult times is brilliant and a credit to the dedication of the team.  We are incredibly privileged to be partnered with the Uttoxeter Pets at Home Store and would like to thank them for their continued support.

We would also like to thank all their customers too for helping to raise this amount – everybody has been extremely generous.

Just a reminder that if you would like to donate cat or dog food/treats for the Waifs and Strays, you can do so at the Uttoxeter Store; there are two bins located at the bottom of the stairs

Many thanks once again 


Animal Welfare are so very lucky to be benefitting from this fundraising event and would like to thank the fantastic team at Pets @ Home Uttoxeter for their continued support”. Good luck ‘team Uttoxeter’!

It’s time for Santa Paws to pay a visit 🎅🐾

Every rescue pet deserves a Christmas dinner, please donate to our appeal to help rescue centres provide pets in their care with food, shelter and healthcare this Christmas.

Donate online here: https://www.supportadoptionforpets.co.uk/santa-paws-2020/

Already 918,000 Christmas dinners have been donated across the country raising over £450,000. The team at Pets at Home Uttoxeter are doing more than a fantastic job and are well on target. Their customers have been so generous (thank you).

If you do happen to have the chance to go into the Uttoxeter store please look at the Christmas tree which has photos of dog and cats either in our care or those in homes which we continue to support in one way or another.


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