cherry Oct 2017

Age: Adult- possibly up to approx 5/6 years max

Sex: Female Spayed

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Cherry is a brindle colour with white paws. She is a lively and energetic girl who just loves her cuddles and fusses.

She has a number of regular walkers who think she is absolutely great and walks very nicely with them.

She is very playful and loves running around the field when given such an opportunity. Cherry can be quite choosy about other dogs so needs to be in a home with no other pets.

She has played with one or two she took to at times but more often than not she isn’t very keen!  She will likely pull towards another dog when one passes by but you can ask her to sit and she will do so. You can hold a conversation with the other owner as long as there is a gap between dogs!

She is such a nice little girl who so deserves to be in a wonderful home to show just what a lovely friend she could be. She has one particular walker who is doing some training with her and she is doing very well. She knows sit, stay and comes when asked. Such a clever girl who knows how to ‘touch the hand’. She just wants the opportunity to spend lots of time with a special someone and show what a gorgeous, clever little girl she is.

Cherry has been enjoying regular mornings out at Dimmingsdale and The Ramblers Retreat and is such a good girl. If only this could be her regular walking route with her own new owner. It is about time she had the luxury of lying by the fireside or even better with you on the sofa!

Cherry has now discovered the joys of Paddocks for Paws, an enclosed field in Bradnop where she can run around to her heart’s content.  It is so lovely to see her racing around off her lead, chasing a ball and wagging her tail with sheer joy.  She travels really well in the car too.

DSC_0532 (2)  DSC_0535  DSC_0540 

Cherry is still enjoying visits to Paddock for Paws, after her last visit she also called in on the Churnet Valley Railway- she was fascinated by the trains and really enjoyed herself. She also bumped into her other very regular walker there and made a big fuss of her. She is such a lovely little dog.

Cherry loves to sniff out the hedgerows on her walks. She loves to be out and about and is such a little darling to be with – she so deserves a nice home.


Cherry 1 May 2019 Cherry may 19 2019



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