Success Stories

Read some of our success stories below.

Number of Dogs Re-homed    
2013 Yr – 45, 2014 Yr – 41, 2015 Yr – 34, 2016 Yr – 40, 2017 Yr – 44, 2018 Yr-21, 2019-19, 2020-11
Number of Cats Re-homed
2013 Yr – 65, 2014 Yr – 86, 2015 Yr – 82, 2016 Yr – 83, 2017 Yr-82, 2018 Yr-64, 2019-87, 2020-78




George is an absolute pleasure. We fell in love with him straight away. He’s now part of the family and
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Sam 2


Sam has been rehomed to an older lady who lives alone. We did our best to find a perfect match
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Bruce the American Bulldog has found himself such a wonderful home. He made himself at home as soon as he arrived and just
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Roxie Jan 2020


Roxie a Belgian Shepherd- Malinois is a fabulous girl. She had dedicated regular walkers when in our care who thought she
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After waiting so very long and patiently in the kennels for a wonderful home to be offered to her everyone is
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Jimmy b

Jimmy and Norah

Thank you for finding a new home for me and Norah. We are getting on very well and enjoying our
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Farley 3


Farley has settled in brilliantly, he’s very well behaved and doesn’t mind being disturbed constantly when the kids want to
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Gino 3


Gino is now going out on his own throughout the day. He has mastered the cat flap going out but
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