Success Stories

Read some of our success stories below.

Number of Dogs Re-homed    
2013 Yr – 45,  2014 Yr – 41,  2015 Yr – 34,   2016 Yr – 40, 2017 Yr – 44, 2018 Yr-21
Number of Cats Re-homed
2013 Yr – 65,  2014 Yr – 86,  2015 Yr – 82,   2016 Yr – 83, 2017 Yr-82, 2018 Yr-64




As you can see Ned likes bed ,watching TV – especially wildlife programmes , his Santa hat and a bit
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Spud and Archie – update January 2020

Well it took a while to find a home for Spud and Archie where they could stay together but my
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Fizz and Slinky- is santa here yet


Fizz the 13 year old Fox Terrier hadn’t had a good time of things for a while when she came
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Kobi 8 aug 217

Kobi (Update Dec 2019)

  Kobi is such a very handsome Malamute. He was in our care far too long and at 10 years
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Scarlet Dec 2019

Scarlet (Dec 2019 update)

It would be nice to think that every dog that went into the care of an animal rescue organisation found
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Elton 2019


Black cat Elton, found a home almost 12 months ago. He had been waiting for 19 months. He settled in
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Roxy nov a


Roxy is a gorgeous Staffy who was with us quite a while. She absolutely loves everyone but is not keen
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Marcus now Mungo

Mungo (was Marcus)

Just to let you know that Mungo (who used to be Marcus) has settled in really well. We love him
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