Success Stories

Read some of our success stories below.

Number of Dogs Re-homed    
2013 Yr – 45, 2014 Yr – 41, 2015 Yr – 34, 2016 Yr – 40, 2017 Yr – 44, 2018 Yr-21, 2019 Yr-19, 2020 Yr-11, 2021 Yr-4, 2022 Yr- 15, 2023 Yr-11
Number of Cats Re-homed
2013 Yr – 65, 2014 Yr – 86, 2015 Yr – 82, 2016 Yr – 83, 2017 Yr-82, 2018 Yr-64, 2019 Yr-87, 2020 Yr-78, 2021 Yr-52, 2022 Yr-119, 2023 Yr-108




Sheba is a gorgeous little cat, almost 14 yrs old. She is so friendly and loves nothing more than to
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Peaches and Bailey-puppies

Peaches and Bailey were only 9 weeks old when they came into our care. However, being such gorgeous little babies
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Dottie 1

Dottie (was Velma)

Dottie, was Velma, has changed our life , she has so much love to give and she is so settled
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daphne 1


Thought I would update you with some photos and news now Daphne has been in her new home for 2
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l and h

Harry and Luna

Harry and Luna were Robin and Wren. When they were rescued from a shed, they were cold, wet and dirty.
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Bobby is an elderly Jack Russell/ Patterdale. Very sadly his owner died meaning after about 14 years in his loving
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Bruno ( Olly)

Bruno is the most gorgeous black Labrador you could meet! He is so loving. He fitted into his new home
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marley reception


Marley is an absolutely fabulous Staffy. Sadly his last owner became too unwell to look after him. The girls in
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