Success Stories

Read some of our success stories below.

Number of Dogs Re-homed    
2013 Yr – 45, 2014 Yr – 41, 2015 Yr – 34, 2016 Yr – 40, 2017 Yr – 44, 2018 Yr-21, 2019-19
Number of Cats Re-homed
2013 Yr – 65, 2014 Yr – 86, 2015 Yr – 82, 2016 Yr – 83, 2017 Yr-82, 2018 Yr-64, 2019-87


Marcus now Mungo

Mungo (was Marcus)

Just to let you know that Mungo (who used to be Marcus) has settled in really well. We love him
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Mick 1


Mick’s little world was turned upside down when he lost his beloved owner. He was quickly spotted by a lady though who
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Aurora 3


We’re really enjoying having our Fluffy friend around. She has become very sociable and loves being where people are. There’s
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zac cuddled up

Zeus (now Zack) Update November 2019

We are so pleased to be able to say that one very special dog has just had his best ever Christmas!
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Cherry is a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was with us for far too long. Her new ‘Mum and Dad’ cannot understand why and
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roger d


After being with us for far too long, we are delighted to say that Roger is enjoying a wonderful life
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Mattie 1


We have been sent some lovely photos of Mattie who has soon settled into his new home with 2 established
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Tommy 3


Tommy has settled exceptionally well into his new home and surroundings. We thought he would prefer to be an outside
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