Zazzles (was Dixie) and Matlida – Christmas 2018 update

Z and M 1 (2)

Brother and Sister Zazzles and Matilda have quickly settled into their new home together and they spend the day playing climbing and having cuddles from their new family who all love them to bits.

Well done Zazzles and Matilda.

December 2018 update:

This is what their new family have to say:

‘Zazzles and Matilda are completely enchanting and are the sweetest little kittens you could imagine. They also love the garden, they were together up the apple tree yesterday.
Together they’ve climbed up our lovely Christmas tree though and fetched all of the decorations off.’

Mum Mabel (was Poppy) has now been adopted into the family, however this hasn’t stopped the playful antics at all as Mabel also likes to romp and play.

Merry Christmas Mabel Matilda and Zazzles.

davMatilda 1


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