Age: 3 Years

Sex: Female

Colour: White and black


Before coming into our care, Kirsty had been through some tough times. She was in a home where she wasn’t wanted so her owners put her on Gumtree ‘free’ to anyone who wanted her. She ended up in a totally unsuitable home, stayed for one day and then, thankfully, she escaped and was brought into our care.

She is a very pretty cat who had totally lost her confidence. During her time with us together with lots of TLC, she has learnt that ‘we humans’ can be nice. Kirsty would benefit from a quiet home and understanding owner who will allow her to grow in confidence and at her own pace. Once Kirsty has gained that trust she will be an extremely loving and affectionate cat, liking nothing better than to sit on your knee. A home with a nice garden where she is safe from busy traffic would be ideal. Kirsty is also easy going with friendly dogs. (photo)
Neutered. Vaccinated. Microchipped.Kirsty 5 Kirsty 3Finley and KirstyKirstykirsty


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