Bruno is an absolutely gorgeous boy who very sadly came into our care after the death of his beloved owner. He had been greatly loved and wanted for nothing and so it was essential that we found Bruno a similar loving home. The poor boy must have wondered what on earth had happened to him when he came into the kennels.

We are delighted to say that Bruno is now a happy boy again and has found that loving home. Not only that, he has a beautiful companion in Ruby the chocolate Labrador and Ginger the cat has made him most welcome too! Very happy too in the knowledge that Bruno is in such a lovely home is a family member of Bruno’s original owner and will continue to receive updates in the future. He was such an important boy to many and its wonderful to know that he will continue to be so again with his new family.

We can’t thank them enough for inviting Bruno to live with them. He will repay them with much love we know. He is adorable.

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