Church Leigh Seven – update

Rosie, Camilla, Charles, Tinker

The Church Leigh Seven cats continue to improve. Smudge is still in his foster home and has turned out to be the most wonderful, friendly little cat. He will soon be ready to go to his forever home.

Camilla, Charles, Tinker, Rosie, Felix and Tom went for a check up with Lime Trees Vet Jodie and were found to be doing really well. Each one was vaccinated and booked in to be neutered and microchipped, during the week beginning Monday 11th April 2022. Once they have recovered from their surgery they will be looking for their forever homes.

Saying what a traumatic time these cats had before coming into care they are absolutely amazing. Charles, Camilla and Tom, in particular, are still very thin, but they are doing their best to put on weight – they can eat for England. The fur on Charles’ and Tom’s back and legs is slowly growing back, but they still have a long way to go for their coats to be as they should. They are all eating really well, obviously making up for the times when they had nothing to eat, so if anyone would like to donate Felix and/or Whiskas pouches for them we would be most grateful.

Food can be left in the food collecting kennel in Morrisons, Cheadle, at Cross Street Pet Stores, Cheadle or in the food collecting bin in Pets at Home, Uttoxeter.

We still cannot understand how anyone could be so unkind to these lovely cats. If anyone would like to contribute to their care and the cost of their vaccinations, neutering and microchipping you can send a donation, no matter how large or small, via or you can send a donation via Paypal. The address is on our page.

Michelle, together with Teri and family are giving excellent care to the Church Leigh Seven and we are all really grateful. We are also grateful to everyone who has sent donations of money and food. People have been so generous. The Church Leigh Seven have made a lot of lovely friends.

Thank you.

Camilla (2) Charles (2)

Tom 2 (2) smudge 1

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